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Staying Compliant During Tonsillectomy Recovery

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I'm in the middle of my first W30 (literally, today is Day 15), and received a call today that my ENT moved my tonsillectomy up from January 15 to January 8. I planned my W30 to be done before the surgery so I could incorporate dairy if I needed to during my recovery. I'm 30 years old, and it has been made abundantly clear that my recovery is going to be PAINFUL (the nurse suggested that milk helps coat the throat and reduce pain).


I'm a real rules and regulations kind of girl, so cheating is not an option (it's not cancer or childbirth, right?). I want to finish this W30 strong!


But I need some help. What are the best (and non-pain-inducing) foods/recipes to stay compliant? My recovery period is projected to be 10 days.


Thanks for helping a new girl out!

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Yikes!  That is a huge undertaking!  Here are my suggestions for foods you could eat that would keep you compliant:



Golden Cauliflower Soup or Silky Gingered Zucchini Soup (although the zuke one might be a tad spicy for open-throat surgery)...both recipes from Clothes Make The Girl

Bananas or applesauce

If you can handle some texture I would suggest finely shredding cabbage and sautéing it & chopped green beans until super soft in compliant fat.  In a separate pan cook ground meat and really beat the crap out of it with your spatula to get it as fine as you can while it's cooking (you could even throw it into a food processor for a few pulses to make sure it's a really fine texture after it's cooked).  Then add some of it to your veggies with some coconut milk and cook it a little further.  Add some seasonings that don't irritate and serve warm.

I'm thinking maybe shredded pork shoulder? That's usually pretty tender and doesn't require much for chewing and swallowing.

Braise collard greens or kale until super soft


For throat coating benefits (and added calories), you could try sipping coconut milk or even make your own nut milk in advance (most carton almond milk contains offplan ingredients).


And honestly, if the pain gets the worst of you and you still want to stay compliant with the actual rules, you could make smoothies for yourself (try to make them more veggie than fruit and throw some egg into it or beside it for protein).

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Personally, I find milk to be mucous producing, especially in the back of my throat, which I would not find pleasant post-tonsillectomy.  I understand your wanting to avoid consuming milk; I just think that recommendation is silly.


Slippery elm is a supplement that is beneficial for healing sore throats and you can find it (along with other beneficial ingredients) in Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat tea (ingredients are compliant, but double check before purchasing in your area).  Just be careful with the temperature of the tea.  You probably don't want to drink it hot, maybe lukewarm would be best.


Also, warm (not hot) homemade bone broth would be outstanding for it's healing, nutritional and anti-inflammatory properties.


Happy Healing!

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I'd also make up some ingredient-compliant popsicles (maybe even some bone broth ones) so you can use the numbing of the ice if you need it.

Lots of iced water, with maybe some fruit slices or berries to boost your antioxidants. Cucumber is soothing in water too.


Gelatin! Another cold source, with free wobble :) Grassfedgirl has some gelatin recipes that won't need much changing for Whole30.


Things which be irritants to a sore throat: pepper, chilli, paprika, pineapple and kiwi fruit.

Mild: bananas, plantains (must cook!), avocado, cucumber, coconut water, baby spinach, 


I'd do the Ginger Zucchini Soup too, but go easy on the ginger.


Super-smooth sweet potato or pumpkin mash (thin it down with bone broth if it's too thick).

Silky smooth liver pate (chock full of B vitamins and healing goodness).

A smooth egg custard with baked in veggies.


This also might sound weird, but have a long bath and vigorous hair wash before the surgery, you might be recommended to avoid hot showers afterwards and it can feel icky :)

Some of those soft gel ice packs can be soothing on your neck and face too, if you have any. Wrap in a towel if they're too cold.

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