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Grapeseed Oil


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I was just wondering this too. I picked some up and made mayo with it, then went back to iswf and found it on the discouraged list.


I noticed part of the issue is oxidation in heat, so I'm thinking i'll save that mayo until after w30 (I haven't eaten any yet), and be comforted by the fact that it isn't a heated product and therefore hopefully not so bad. I am on day 17, and the first batch of mayo I made with olive oil, but I wanted to try something different. there was no avocado oil...the mac.nut oil was so expensive I didn't see using a whole cup of it in a condiment unless I knew I'd love it, so I noticed the grapeseed and thought 'oh yeah people seem to think this stuff is healthy, right?' should've known better!


back to the (other) grocery store for some other sort of oil to try for mayo.

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