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Round 3


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Not really posting much anymore, but thought I would pop on to say I'm on my 3rd round (did others april/may 14 and august/september 14).


I started January 1st and am on day 4. Although I found the second whole 30 way easier than the first, this time is even better. I must be doing a great job riding my own bike because I feel exactly the same as I did last week and am not craving anything except compliant foods (guacamole and sweet potato hash!!). I basically woke up on January 1st and ate the same breakfast I always do these days (salad with chicken and a sweet potato). 


Since most of my off plan eating is social, and we don't do much in the really cold months, I might aim for a 60 or 90 this time around, but I will play it by ear. 


Glad to be back :)

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