Major craving for apples-ok or not good?

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I am on day 4 (really day 5 though as other than a protein shake I started eating this way on 12/31). Until yesterday, I have done really well, craving-wise. Hadn't had many negative side effects either. All of a sudden at about 3 pm yesterday I was DYING for apples. It was a very specific, very strong craving for nothing but a juicy apple. I was also tired, headachy and slightly quesy. I ate a granny smith and felt immediately better. 


Was this "okay" or should I have fought the craving and had protein&fat instead? I am pretty active with crossfit 3x/week and am absolutely NOT looking to lose any weight. If anything I'd like to add some muscle. It's hard to believe a craving for an apple is a bad thing, but I'm also trying to break my sweets habit. 


So far breakfast has been eggs and sauteed greens, sweet potato and avocado. Lunch is some kind of meat and sauteed veg, same with dinner. I usually have a 1-2 pieces a fruit a day, usually after a meal (I know-not good). although yesterday I had only had eggs, sauteed veggies and some salmon cakes. Wondering if my brain was rebelling against that and asking for some sugar? 



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It's possible that your brain and body wanted sugar, the sugar dragon puts up quite a fight at the beginning.

1-2 pieces of fruit a day with or immediately after a template meal is actually just fine. If your body wants apples, go ahead and have them, just try not to have them alone as a snack.

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