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Starting my first W30 on 8/24


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Tomorrow (8/24/12) it begins. I'm doing this along with the folks from my bootcamp. I've read a lot of the posts on the blog, taken in the advice and read ISWF. I think I'm ready, just nervous. My wife and I went shopping today for the meats and veggies and good fats, a few more items tonight from Whole Foods and our pantry should be good for a week or so. Making sure I have enough energy for the workouts is going to be key short term, but we're both excited about the longer term benefits we hope to gain.

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Congrats on starting your jouney! It is so nice that you have the support of someone close to you & a "buddy" to complete the challenge with you! In terms of your energy, it probabaly depends on your past. I found that I had VERY low energy, and was extremely irritable.. that being said I am extremely anemic and have dealt with low energy my whole life. So your energy will probably decrease somewhat, but it may not affect you as much as you'd think.

And don't be nervous!! You're changing your life!! Be exctied!!

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I thought I would post my meals here as well to both keep me honest and in case I need help moving forward

Day 1

Pre-WO - Egg and a handful of Almonds (raw)

Post-WO - Egg

Meal 1 - 2 Bratwurst

Meal 2 - Salad w/egg, tomatoes, cucumber and balsamic vinaigrette

Meal 3 - grilled steak with grilled broccoli & snap peas

Lots of snacks throughout the day. Another egg, almonds, olives, tomatoes.

I'm a little worried about the snaking, but I think I didn't have a proper W30 breakfast and that threw me off. I've made sure to start today off right.

My MIL brought cupcakes for the kids, but I was able to ignore them by remembering the advice in ISWF, "is that worth losing what you're worked on? Even on Day 1 that advice really helped out.

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Day 2

8am - M1 - 2 eggs and ½ bratwurst with tomotoes, 2 cups coffee w/ coconut milk

10am - Snack - kale chips

1pm - M2 - Salad w/cucumbers, tomatoes, egg and red wine vinegar, 20oz water

3pm - snack - grapes, snap peas, carrots, almonds

6:30pm -M3 - Well-Fed Pad thai (chicken, spaghetti squash)

Day 3

8:30am - 2 eggs 3 sl bacon, tomatoes

9:30 - snack grapes

11:30- salad with grilled chicken green peppers tomatoes and olives with red wine vinaigrette

1pm - 1/2 serving Well Fed Pad Thai


4pm - almonds, carrots, snap peas snack

7pm - 3 ISWF Salmon cakes, broccoli

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