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Stabbing stomach aches, and nausea day 12-17

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Let's see, this started Friday (day 12) after dinner, and hasn't really let up since. I'm having stomach aches, like the stabbing gas induced kind and when it's not those, nausea. It's happening primarily in the evening. Tonight I was fine until I grabbed a handful of black olives. I honestly feel like its fat. I'm having trouble getting myself to eat now. I started whole30 because of issues like these that had led to sudden weight loss (don't worry, I've got the weight to lose). Any suggestions?

Day 12: yellow curry for dinner. And salad (nausea immediately, stopped eating)

Day 13: breakfast I can't remember,

lunch leftover curry (stabbing gas pains about an hour after)

dinner plain chicken, broccoli and sweet potatoes (okay)

Day 14: breakfast eggs, potatoes, chicken sausage, black tea

lunch tuna lettuce wraps

Dinner roasted chicken, butternut squash soup, salad

Day 15: breakfast egg casserole (eggs, coconut milk, salsa, beet greens, olives, onions) &strawberries

Lunch kale chips, carrots with guacamole

Dinner turkey and veggie chili, broccoli slaw

Day 16: breakfast hard boiled egg, apple with almond butter

Lunch salad with sausage and nuts

Dinner baked cod w ghee lemon and garlic, green beans, sweet potatoes, deviled egg

Day 17: breakfast grapefruit, avocado, chicken w/mayo

Lunch chicken w/ mayo, cashews and almonds, veggies, grapes

Dinner chicken, butternut, kale, mushroom soup "better than chicken soup" recipe (so good) and a

handful of olives

I drink a lot of tea and water throughout the day, sometimes I add boxed coconut milk to my tea but usually it's just "black"

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Any chance you're reacting to coconut milk? (I noticed it all started when you had the curry.) Did you use to have it before your Whole30?


Also, I'm noting that some meals are missing some items. For example, Day 15 lunch had no protein. Day 16 breakfast had inadequate protein (one egg is not enough) and no veggies. Day 17 breakfast had no veggies. That sort of thing. The imbalance may have something to do with your stomach pains. To give yourself the best chance of getting past your gastric difficulties -- and have a really successful Whole30 -- it's important to follow the meal template at every meal.


You might also benefit from digestive enzymes to help you digest your meals.


Hope this helps.

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Some people need help digesting fat and protein until their gut grows the bacteria it needs. As GlennR noted, you might benefit from digestive enzymes. Fat is not optional for health. Many vitamins are fat soluble and a low fat diet erodes nutrition. However, our bodies can take several weeks of adjusting to a good fat diet. 


Boxed coconut milk often includes carrageenan, which is a profound gut irritant. Most people can only ever find compliant coconut milk in a can.


Your report notes pains after curry and no pain after plain chicken, broccoli, and sweet potatoes. That makes me wonder about your gut and spices. 

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Thanks, I know my meals aren't perfect, I'm trying but my stomach apparently has other plans and so do my 3 kids. This morning a glass of water set me off. I hadn't even eaten. I was pretty awful but ate anyhow (scrambled eggs with green beans and salsa, blueberries). Interestingly, things seem to have settled somewhat after some sweet potato about 30 minutes after the other food. I hate to even suggest this but what about onions? Though last night I was fine until the olives.

Re coconut milk, I think it's a possibility. We are using both canned and boxed. The meal that set me off was the full fat canned (golden star). The boxed is so delicious and has no carrageenan. I'm a label reader have been for decades. Don't get me started on what's in our food! Geez it's awful. This hasn't been a huge change in diet for me other than eliminating whole grains and legumes and the small amount of dairy in my diet.

I'm about to go all aip if this doesn't stop.

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