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My life looks a whole lot different then it did 30 days ago


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There are no words to describe what the last 30 days has done for my life- but I am going to give my best shot.


I started off the Whole 30 with high hopes- being in the health and wellness industry myself; I knew there was power behind eating good foods. Actually, to be honest, I have recommended the Whole 30 to over 100’s of my clients- all that which have successfully completed it. I recommended it over and over again, yet, I realized that I have never completed it 100% myself- eating healthy most my life, I didn’t find it completely necessary. Ah, you see, the thing is, healthy is a relative term, and after the Whole 30 I realized I wasn’t even close to healthy.


My relationship with food was far from healthy- even though I had taken years and years to recover from a pretty bad eating disorder, going in and out of the hospitals, therapy sessions, and studying books and books to heal- I had realized there was still a lingering of food issues. Post eating disorder I obviously had plenty of stuff going on that was a byproduct of treating my body like crap for many years; terrible acne, bone breaks, PCOS, the absence of my menstrual cycle, depressed, my running and gym performance declined, adrenal fatigue, I gained back an uncomfortable amount of weight, I mean I could go on, but you get the point.  Not to mention, even though I was eating healthy, a crazy runner and gym goer, I still carried extra body fat that was holding on for dear life (for obvious reasons). I believe God led me to the Whole 30 to finalize my healing.


After the 30 days…. I mean… I am speechless. I haven’t had clear skin my entire life and for the first time I don’t feel the need to wear make up- like at all. Even though I have been strong and a pretty good athlete my entire life, I have never seen muscle definition…. until now… hello abs and biceps. For over 3 years I literally have never been able to lose that weight I gained from extra stress after recovering, that weight that was unhealthy (trust me it was), and it came off pretty effortlessly. My running times improved, I am lifting heavy weights, and I mean, I look pretty good. Even for me to say that I look good is a success story in itself- my self worth, confidence, and happiness has sky rocketed through the roof. That has been the best thing about this Whole 30- I fell in love with myself and feel worthy, truly worthy…. for the first time in my life. The happiness and confidence has affected all areas of my life: my career, my relationships, and my personal development. I have finished projects I have been longing to finish over the past 6 months (hello no afternoon slumps with super clear thinking), I have joined new social groups, got a promotion, and well, my life looks a whole lot different then it did 30 days ago.


Along with everything I have mentioned above, my period is normal with no terrible PMS symptoms, I am able manage my stress (letting go of my terrible type A nature), sleep like a baby, energy for days, happy, I don’t feel the need to control my life with food and exercise, and I feel like myself for the first time in years. 


I do not want to keep blabbing, but the Whole 30 does change lives- and for that, I am forever grateful.

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