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Nakd Bars Vs. Lara Bars


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I understand that Lara bars are emergency food only and I do treat them as such. Today I went for a looong walk with the dog and when I got back to the car I realized I had forgotten my post-walk food (hard boiled eggs, peppers and cucumbers) and I needed to pop into the grocery store for some spices.


While I was in there I thought maybe this was a good time to have a Larabar so I went and looked at the bars and saw the Nakd Bars there. They are smaller than the Larabars and have the same ingredients but in different orders.


Cashew Larabar (48 g) - Dates, cashews

18 g sugar


Cashew Nakd Bar (35 g) - Cashews, dates

13 g sugar


I found the Nakd bar significantly less sweet than the Larabar. It was also smaller. Just as satisfying and plenty to hold me over until a proper meal.


Still just emergency food and I won't keep them on hand but it's nice to see options out there.



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lol. yes, these two bars are identical in sweetness/weight ratio, but the nakd one is a smaller, which might make it a better serving size for this sort of thing.


 It tasted far less sweet to me than the similar Larabar. I didn't do the math on the ratios so I'm sure you're right but it sure tasted more like nuts and less like dates to me. I find the Larabars far too sweet.

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