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Starting 02.16.2015 Young newbie to the Whole30/paleo lifestyle


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Hi Everyone! My name is Brittany. I'm 24, a law school student and am starting the challenge next Monday with my mom! (Bought the It Starts with Food book)

We both have a few questions about the challenge and the best way to approach it.

How do you all deal with sweet cravings?

Did you all take body measurements and before pictures when you started (I don't weigh myself)?

Are there any good breakfast recipes that DO NOT have eggs in them (they are not my cup of tea so to speak)?

Should I eat all the food that I'm going to miss the week before I start?

Did you all post your commitment to the challenge as well as your progress and meals on social media (I know the website says to actively talk about your participation to it) or did you just keep it to this forum?

What are your top 5 favorite whole30 approved recipes?

How long did it take before your withdrawals begin to hit and what did you do to combat them?

How did you handle going out to eat?



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Welcome, Brittany!


The best way to deal with cravings is to make sure you're eating enough at meals. Many people are surprised by just how much food this can be. Follow the meal template, and adjust the portion sizes until you can go for 4-5 hours between meals without being hungry. If you are hungry between meals, eat -- but eat a mini-meal with protein, fat, and vegetables. Having sweet things, even fruit, when you're craving sweets just keeps that craving alive, so avoid having fruit on its own, and especially try to avoid dried fruits and things like Larabars that are especially sweet.


I took pictures but no measurements before my first Whole30, but ended up wishing I had taken measurements, just to see. But you definitely don't have to.


Google Whole30 no egg breakfast for lots of past discussions on breakfasts with no eggs, but basically, try to get out of the habit of thinking breakfast is a special meal with its own set of foods. Anything that works for lunch or dinner is just fine for breakfast, many people have leftovers because it's convenient. Some people also find it helpful to refer to their meals as Meal 1, Meal 2, and Meal 3 rather than breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


The worse you eat before you start your Whole30, the harder the first week is likely to be, but it's really up to you whether to indulge or not.


I log my meals on Instagram when I'm doing a Whole30, and on one of them kept a log here, and have tried blogging about it as well. I've settled on just Instagramming the meals now, it's most convenient for me, but find what works for you. If your friends seem supportive, then posting on Facebook or whatever social media you use is great -- but if they're not, it might not be very beneficial to post about it there.


The foods I make most often on Whole30 aren't really recipes, I mostly grill or bake or roast chicken and brown ground beef, keeping the seasoning on both pretty neutral, and then combine them with vegetables and sauces throughout the week. Mayo is a must-have for me. I also like Moroccan Dipping Sauce (scroll down, it's under the chicken recipe -- and that chicken is pretty good too.) I really like Belly Dance Beet Salad too -- although I like it better with roasted garlic instead of raw.


How long before withdrawals hit is dependent on how you eat before the Whole30, but to help combat them, drink plenty of water, about 1/2 oz per pound of body weight each day (so a 120 lb person would drink at least 60 oz of water), and be sure you eat at least one serving of starchy vegetable each day (like sweet potato, root vegetables, winter squashes).


Going out to eat is tough. You have to research the restaurant beforehand and see if anything looks compliant, and it's best if you can talk to them and confirm that meat isn't marinated in anything with soy or sugar or honey in it. Salad dressings almost always have some off plan ingredient. Steaks are often coated in melted butter after cooking. Vegetables may have all kinds of ingredients hidden in them that you'd never think of, like msg or soy or sweeteners. I really end up preferring not to go out to eat on a Whole30, but it can be done. It's just a lot of work.

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Welcome Brittany!


This is honestly one of the most open and welcoming places online - questions are always welcome.


Sweet Cravings - should be ignored and squashed. That easier said than done - I know.  Basically the worst thing you can do is eat dried fruit when you are having a sweet craving.  You basically keeping your sweet craving alive and well by doing this.  Second worst thing is rely on regular fruit (same reason) or nut butters.  Nut butters are not inherently "bad".  They basically are a food with no brakes for a lot of people (meaning you have a tendency to over eat and not stop eating them).  Best ways around a sweet craving - find something else to take your attention off the actual craving - do push-ups, go for a walk, read a magazine, get your nails done, take a bubble bath - just don't give the sweet craving fuel.  I personally have a sweet craving that happens mid afternoons.  I have a nice herbal tea and it's gone.  If you are genuinely hungry - then eat a mini template meal - so protein, vegetable and fat.  As mentioned above fruit and nut butters are not an ideal way with dealing with a sweet craving.


Weight and or body measurements.  I never took body measurements but I did weight myself.  This is a personal choice.  Now I just let the fit of my clothes do the talking, and every so often I will weigh myself because I am curious.  I do not own a scale.  So it's usually on someone else's.


For breakfast without eggs - just Google whole 30 breakfast ideas without egg and you should have plenty of options.  Please do remember the no SWYPO rule though.  So No baked goods or things that recreate pancakes or breads.


I would advise against the "eat all the foods I'm going to miss for the next 30 days" before you start.  Why?  Because you are going to set yourself up for a possible miserable first week.  The first week is a detox week.  So your body has a tendency to rebel quite badly when you cut everything out at once.  Trust me those foods that you will miss will not leave the planet between now and then.  If you want to have a couple of your real true blue favourite meals before then - go for it - but don't pack everything in the week before.  Really.


The participation on social media - again totally up to you.  If you want to share it - please do.  If you don't that's fine too.  But for me personally being slightly vocal about it (even just a little bit) will help you be more accountable.


My 2 favourite recipes are NomNom Paleo's Korean Slow Cooker Short Ribs and Paleo Pad Thai by the clothes make the girl website.(Well Fed and Well Fed )  Also please see the same website for a mayo recipe.  Mayo is a great base for tons of dressings and dips.


Withdrawls are usually most prominent in the first week.  My first whole 30 was all over the place in terms of energy levels, and sleep.  Everyone is different.  The best way to combat withdrawls is usually more fat, and add a starchy vegetable (so veggies like potato, sweet potato, squash, any root veggies really)


Going out to eat - be as pleasant as possible, and always be patient when explaining the situation, and thank and tip your server generously.  You should be able to walk out with a complaint meal without any problems.

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Thank you ladies for your feedback! Seems that a common response is "just don't eat sugar (particularly dried fruit) when having a big sugar craving and mayo is a good thing to have as a base for sauces! I'm planning a grocery list tonight and going to look at recipes as well. Food prepping Sunday for all of my meals for the week so that I will have everything ready. Taking measurements on Monday morning too, but I am doing this in part for my overall health too. 

Did you all continue a paleo way of eating after the whole30 was over?

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My husband and I are starting Monday, too! I'd love to be accountability partners with you! I'm 26 and a newbie as well!


To answer your questions (at least some of them):


- Sugar cravings: haven't started, but am really not looking forward to them... I work at a bakery!!!

- I am going to take measurements and weigh myself tomorrow... then try not to think about them for 30 days. ;)

- I agree with everyone. Google search will help. Also pinterest. Love pinterest. Also, maybe thinking about your meals not as "Breakfast, lunch, dinner" but as "Meal 1, 2 and 3" will help. Eat soup or a "regular" meal for breakfast, instead!

- My husband and I have been eating a lot of the food we won't be eating. Probably not the BEST way to go about it, but... ya know.

- I've mentioned it on Facebook... and have thought about blogging about it. But other than on here, that's it.

- I've got a lot of recipes saved on pinterest, but haven't tried a lot. I did make salsa/taco chicken in the crockpot. Delicious! I think I did 6 chicken breasts, one large jar of (no sugar) salsa, and a good amount of taco seasoning... it was pretty spicy, so I'd cut back on the seasoning next time. I've also made an Italian sausage and vegetable soup that was soooo good... here's the link: http://iowagirleats.com/recipes/?recipe_id=6068522 Make sure the sausage is compliant and leave out the parmesan cheese rind.

- Can't answer the last 2. :)


I hope you find whatever success you're hoping to find on your whole30 journey!!!

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Hi! Of Course we can be accountability buddies! (Although I decided to actually start tomorrow) And oh my working at a bakery! I'm sure you can survive the temptations. I made a BUNCH of stuff last night that should last throughout the week! Breakfast patties, chicken sausage, veggies, pot roast (freezed the broth left over from that. Might make a soup with that next week). 

Good luck to you too!!

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Brittany - I will tell you that I stayed mostly paleo after my whole 30's (I've completed 5 of them since Aug/Sept 2012).  I do have occasions that I veer off the road quite a bit, get a reminder of why I eat mostly paleo, and then comeback to mostly template meals again.


I had a handful of health problems, depression, hormone problems, weight and skin issues prior to trying a whole 30.  The whole 30 was the only thing that helped all of these things and helped me get in the driver's seat of my own body again.  Yes I was one of those people that wanted to shout from the rooftops on how good I felt.  I didn't lose that much weight (6lbs in 45 days) but I felt better than I ever did in my life.  The whole 30 was truly life changing for me.  But that is my story.  You may go through this feel fantastic and come to the conclusion that dairy is worth it for you after you do your re intros. This is NOT a one size fits all way of eating, you can customize in whatever way you choose, and what your body deals with well.  And if you totally fall of the wagon afterwards - no problem - you can always come back. 

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