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The perfect storm...of AWESOME


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W30 #6 here...and getting ready for another year of 40 miles in May (also #6!). 


Blue is food, Green is activity...let's get this started WOOT WOOT!


With Shrove Tues...I've had PANCAKES (which is rare even in real life!), and the ever tasty Bourbon Brunch cocktail. Goodbye alcohol; it's been fun. Now onto better living and bigger activities....tomorrow starts Whole30 Day 1!

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Day 1:


M1: two boiled eggs with a side of blueberry, strawberry, banana and almonds. Bulletproof coffee. Sorry, just ramping up.

M2: chicken/apple sausage with kale, carrots, onions and mushrooms, water

M2: bolognese with courgette noodles, fizzy water


Sadly no activity today. Shopping, unpacking and planning had to take front seat. 

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Day 2: 


M1: egg, spinach, onion, mushroom frittata, with a side of blueberry, strawberry, banana and almonds. Bulletproof coffee.
M2: chicken salad with homemade mayo, carrots, lettuce, onion...water.

M3: CHOCOLATE CHILI...woot woot! 


Bulletproof coffee x 2.5 today, with more water (so that's good).


Fail on the activity again...it's just so RUDDY COLD (I know, excuses, excuses...!)

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I've seen M1, M2, etc, on several posts - can you fill me in on what that is? I'm new around here! :)  Thanks!


Hi hollylu--sure thing!


M1, M2, M3...that's Meal 1, Meal 2, etc. Reason being...old habits die hard for many of us. The thought of having chocolate chili, or pot roast and sweet potato for brekkie is for some a hard thing to swallow: "What? That's not breakfast food!" Calling it Meal 1 and on makes that association break with what sort of food you "should" be having at certain points in the day....


Hope that helps  :)

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Day 3...


M1: eggs, kale, pepper scramble with a touch of coconut cream. Bulletproof coffee.

M2: chocolate chili, blueberries and almonds, and water!

M3: testing out a bunch of things whilst we cooked for the paleo demo we've got going on tomorrow, but primarily it was a chicken & homemade mayo with carrots and tomatoes sort of night. A bunch of fizzy water, too!

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Day 4...bit of a blur with the paleo demo we did at the gym.

The day did have three meals that involved apple saurkraut pork, choc chili and chicken with roasted veggies, and lots of water and bulletproof coffee, too.

Day 5:
M1 was quite late, we had a guacamole scramble with Parma over peppers onion and spinach. Delish.
M2 was pork, apple and kraut again...it gets better with a day to rest!

Rather a fail on the veggie and fruit front today. That is a shame, but tomorrow is another day...


Pickaxe and shovel in hand...if you saw what we had to clear and shovel today, you'd know that this definitely counts as activity!!

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Day 6...today was a fail in terms of ensuring 3 meals. Somehow I've got out of sync; need to fix this for tomorrow.


M1: Bulletproof coffee, apple, banana and almond butter (the eggs were simmering away on the stove but I forgot about them as I was chasing our Berner who tried to eat my hat--I should count that as activity, haha).


M2: homemade jalepeno mayo with peppers and carrots. Water




M3: Choco Chili with a bunch of spinach (finally! a proper meal!). Blueberries with a few almonds sprinkled in for good measure. Water.

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Okay! Today is a new leaf on all the frozen trees around me. 


Woke up and had a bullet proof.


Had a 3.5km uphill walk, then supermans and deadbugs. The first round I was convinced I could not finish. Ridiculous! Second round rallied and know I've got to get my backside (and everything else!) in GEAR...had water throughout


M1: choco chili, spinach, and a boiled egg, with another bulletproof. 

M2: another boiled egg, parma, homemade broccoli slaw with homemade jalepeno mayo, peppers...and water!

M3: chicken and roasted veg, water, followed later by the last of my blueberries and a few almonds. 


Feeling a bit hungry right now, but I think that is bc I've kickstarted the system again with MOTION, so I'll sign off for the night and wake up ready for brekkie. G'night!

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I just spotted your log, and my first response had nothing to do with food. I was thinking of the Australian group Axis of Awesome and their Four Chord Song. Again, nothing to do with Whole30 but your log title made me smile. This song might make you smile too: http://youtu.be/5pidokakU4I  :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


AmyS that is ruddy BRILLIANT!!! Have shared across multiple platforms. Fun fact: the priest who married me sang Waltzing Matilda at our wedding (we're a boisterous lot, we are)--too too funny! Thanks for that! 

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