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Freezer Friendly Meals


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Hi all,


I just heard some devastating news from my mom.  She has a grapefruit sized tumor on her ovary that needs to be removed ASAP.  They are taking out everything, a full hysterectomy.  They don't know if it's cancerous or not...


She will be off her feet for 6 - 8 weeks.


I need help finding some good freezer friendly meals that I can prepare for her so she doesn't need to worry about making dinner.  They don't all have to be Whole30 friendly, but whatever I can make Whole30, I will !


So far on my list of meals:



Chicken a-la-king

Chicken and Broccoli Casserole

Sausage and Macaroni Casserole



Sloppy Joe's

Sour Cream Noodle Bake


Breakfast Sandwiches and Burritos

Pulled Pork

Shepherd's Pie



Stuffed Peppers


If you have any more ideas, or links to more ideas, please post!  I'm desperate to find more.  I live 6 hours away from her and can't be with her when she goes home.   :(

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So sorry to hear about your mom-healing vibes sent her way.

From the looks of things, there is alot of pasta type dishes etc. I have great luck roasting any veggie and adding ground turkey etc with seasoning to it ie butternut squash, brussel sprouts, mushrooms, asparagus,sweet potaotoes, acorn or spagetti squash or any combo with frozen california veggies. Very simple and filling and very healthy. The dishes you have listed take a lot longer to make than roasted veggies. Any real veggie will speed healing. Stock up on those. I freeze my lunch dishes for weeks ahead of time and they do pretty well. Not really attractive but healthy!

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You could cook up 6 pounds each of ground beef, ground pork, ground turkey or chicken thighs and then freeze it in 1# portions. All someone would have to do is take out of the freezer in the morning, throw in a sautee pan before mealtime and add veggies.  My favourite (super fast way) of doing that is to put fat and the cooked meat in a pan and get it going at medium to high heat.  Then throw in chopped zucchini, green beans, asparagus,spinach, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, whatever you like/have.  Put a couple tbsp of water into the pan with it and throw a lid on it and let everything steam and heat through.  Wait 10-ish minutes.  Take the lid off, let the rest of the liquid cook off, season and throw an egg on it.


You can change this up in so many ways that it would be a long time before she got bored.


Some of the more pasta-y things that you have listed are going to be, by their nature, inflammatory....and you probably want to try and avoid that as much as possible during a healing time.


Someone there can hardboil a dozen eggs and leave them in her fridge.   The silky zucchini soup and the golden cauliflower soup from Clothes Make The Girl are both really good, super simple to make and can have protein added to them.


Is your mom going to be literally bed-ridden for 6-8 weeks? Or just in slo-mo?

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Thanks Shanny!


I don't think she will be bed-ridden for the entire time.  Likely just a couple of weeks.  My mother is a trooper and never lets anything stop her.

OK, so in theory, after awhile, she will be able to put a dozen eggs in a pot at the top of each week or pull her own bag of frozen cooked meat out of the freezer.  That's good!  Someone could purchase some of the prepared veggies from Costco for her (they have the peeled diced butternut squash that you can just toss in oil and bake, the french cut green beans don't need any prep, the brocoli doesn't need prep, sliced mushrooms, asparagus, baby potatoes, all pretty much ready to go.  The easiest way for her to do any of these veggies (a large batch with little prep) is roasting a couple large cookie sheets worth.  Throw it all on the same pan, massage oil into it and bake at 445F until done.


Pork shoulder thrown into the crockpot yields LOTS of meat with almost no effort and is very versatile.  


Best wishes to her!

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What about meatballs? I am a big fan of meat balls--you can put all kinds of veg in them and you could freeze them in portion sized packs and they could be pulled out the night before and warmed up in marinara and served with some of those yummy roasted veggies. I made some a couple weeks ago that had liver in them which would be good for your mom post surgery, and there are these--http://http://www.multiplydelicious.com/thefood/2012/06/sweet-potato-and-kale-chicken-patties/ sooo good, and while the recipe makes them in patties, you could also just make them in meatballs and have them that way. 


Keeping your mom in my prayers! 

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Here is a link for the website that actually introduced me to the Whole30. I have some friends that are really into freezer meals. They linked this on facebook, and asked if anyone wanted to do an exchange from the list. There are a TON. 




Praying for a speedy and uncomplicated recovery for your mom! 


ETA: I am clearly new here, and just looked at the dates for this. Hopefully your mom is recovered by now, but maybe it will help someone else. 

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