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OK, time to brag...

Cary Williams

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I've been on the 2nd phase, approx 60 days. 26 lbs off. My pants are really lose. Actually tucking my shirts in and wearing a belt. That's the best part. Everyone is asking what I am doing...'what diet are you on'?...That's always the fun lead in to a great topic. I'm 57, and no meds(Dr took me off my blood pressure pills)...relaxed BP has been as low as 116/65. Now it has helped that I have started commuting on my bike so that helps, but overall I feel great and the comments are encouraging. Finally my only vice continues to be my love of coffee and I'm not sure I will ever give that up. Sugar and bread no longer appeals to me...on a scale of 1-10 for the lifestyle change...10+...Thanks ISWF and Whole9.

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