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Started today march 1


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Just started today.

My big cravings will be my morning triple nonfat latte from Peet's and wine. It's only 30 days right?

Are you not supposed to eat out for 30 days? Have a gala this month that I can not drink at but will be weird if I don't eat. How have others dealt with this?

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mnavarro, I started yesterday too! I did really good. Enjoyed cooking a few things for the week. They are quite tasty!! I had the same questions about eating out. I have a couple of friends that can't see doing this and they like to eat out once a week. They aren't discouraging me from doing it but I don't want to ask them to find restaurants that are paleo friendly all the time. Any suggestions?

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Many people eat out while on Whole30 and just as many don't.  It's up to what you feel comfortable with and what your social commitments look like.


Here are a few resources that might help:





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Definitely read those links from ladyshanny!


The bottom line:

  1. You must choose your restaurant carefully. You won't find ANYTHING compliant at some fast food establishments.
  2. You should call ahead to find out what is/can be made compliant, and once seated, talk with your server to ensure he/she and the kitchen understands your needs.
  3. You may struggle with the fact that eating out used to mean treating yourself to indulgent dishes and dessert. If so, ordering a salad with steak and no dessert and having to ask about what is compliant and asking they omit this and that may feel disappointing.
  4. Treat this like just a good meal that is special because you don't have to cook or do dishes and it will feel more like a win.
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