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Allergic Reaction??

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Last night after dinner, on one side of my face only, I had several raised, hive-like bumps appear. No itching, no redness. It was weird. I am trying to figure out the possible cause(s). For dinner, I made the Paleo Pad Thai recipe I've heard about on these boards. It was the first time I have ever eaten sunflower seed butter (organic, raw) or used the coconut aminos. In the past, I've never had a reaction of any sort to either sunflower seeds or other coconut products (oil, flakes). Everything else I ate during the day, including dinner, was comprised of 100% Whole 30 compliant ingredients that I normally eat, so nothing out of the ordinary. I had no environmental exposures that could account for the hives. I'm on Day 16 of my first Whole 30. 


Has anyone else ever had a reaction to sunflower seed butter or coconut aminos? I suppose I will have to do a test with both of those items to be sure, but I'm looking for some info or advice before I go that route. Thanks.


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I should have included a list of ingredients included in the dinner for my original post above:

Roasted spaghetti squash

Chicken breast

Red onion


Shanghai tips (like baby bok choy)


Olive oil


   Sunflower seed butter

   Coconut Aminos

   Lime juice

   Red pepper flakes, powdered ginger

   Rice vinegar

   Coconut milk

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Edesia, are you still having the reaction or has it gone away? I read a similar post from someone with a rash just on their face. I am also experiencing a rash, but it's covering pretty much my entire body, except for my face (so far!). I am fairly certain I'm experiencing a detox rash. You can google "Candida die-off" or "detox rash" to learn more about it, just don't believe everything you read. Some is true, some is fairy tale. But at least it will give you some insight into what is or is not happening to you. If it doesn't resolve soon, you might want to see a doc. I'm seeing one Monday :/

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Beachchica - Sorry for the delayed response to your question. It did resolve itself over a couple of days. Odd. Since then, I have used the coconut aminos a couple of times with no problem. I'm still gun shy about testing the cashew butter, even though I have no idea if that was the cause, either. How are you doing?

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