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Stomach Muscle condition?


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Help! Not sure if I read it here or on the FORUM, but I read something about a condition in the stomach muscles or something like that that some of you ladies are experiencing and some exercises to do for it. 


Somebody even posted a link to check if you have this condition?


There was a clinical term but I didn't write it down. Some of you compared it to looking pregnant even though you were losing weight everywhere else... Does this ring a bell with anyone? I'd like to look into it further for myself. TIA

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The only condition I can think of is belly fat.  Belly fat can create its own atmosphere  of hormones in the stomach due to peri-meno/meno/post-menopause.   It can also happen from constant dieting or gaining/losing the same 10-20 lbs over and over and over.   Rebound weight gain over the course of a lifetime settles in the belly and it gets tougher to lose with every passing year.  That's why dieting is for the birds and weight stability is for the eagles.


I don't know if belly crunching helps the hormones.   Completely changing the way you eat does more for the hormones than isolated exercises.   Whole foods will transform the entire body, mind and soul.


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Here's the exercises to avoid.   Be careful.





Crunches, sit-ups, oblique (twists) combined with crunches; anything that  ‘jack-knifes’ the body, by pivoting at the hip and placing strain on the abdominals – such as straight leg lifts or holds from lying on your back and similar Pilates moves.

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