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Starting April 13th

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So I began re-intro. Mainly because I was curious to see how certain foods were going to effect me. Husband and I are going on vacation in July and I would rather know now how certain foods react with my body as opposed to waiting and feeling like crap while we are away simply because I decided to eat gluten or dairy or grains. 


So far, non-gluten grains seem to be ok. I tried rice and oatmeal and both sat well. I didn't notice a decrease in energy or brain fog so I call that a win. I have not re-introduced dairy yet but I don't anticipate a problem with that. I went with gluten today because I have a feeling it was the culprit behind never ending heartburn, brain fog and lethargy. I had a spinach wrap at lunch with veggies and grilled chicken and may add something in to dinner. I find it is best to just try a little at a time instead of something at every meal. After gluten I plan to try dairy and after dairy I will try natural sugar (maple syrup, honey and coconut sugar) and mainly just to see the reaction. 


Once my re-introduction is finished I plan to maintain a Paleo lifestyle. I know without a doubt from doing my research that there really is no benefit to processed foods/carbs and refined sugar and I know I will occasionally come back for another round of Whole 30 mainly to reset and stay on track. I've ordered a few different Paleo cookbooks and also ordered Dr. Chris Kresser's book The Paleo Cure. I will be glad to know (through introductions) that the occasional indulgence of ice cream or cheese or rice or bread will not completely destroy my progress. I am working hard to not only learn moderation but also to listen to my body and respond the right way. 


I hope you all are doing well!

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