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Wholy COW!! Here I goooo


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:) Day 6

Breakfast: left over bone soup (gotta stock up tomorrow) with veggies thrown in (watercress, broccoli rabe, mushrooms, and seaweed)

Snack: pecans

Lunch: left over ham hocks and jicama salad

Snack: apple, orange, pear, strawberry salad

snack: dried figs, persimmon

snack: a tbsp black sesame

dinner: one sweet potato and two scrambled eggs with carrots, tomato, and kimchee salad

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Day 7

ONE WEEK DOWN! 7 days of clean eating has been great! There were temptations at times, but I made it through relatively bravely. Despite a few too many dried fruits or protein portions here and there, the overall effects of eating a completely unprocessed diet has been really positive. I see big improvements in my mood and energy levels compared to last week. I think it's because I've learned to increase my carb intake slowly, especially with the warmer fruit season approaching!

Breakfast: big ass salad (spinach, cucumber, tomato, strawberries, and bell pepper) with two hard boiled eggs

Snack: pecans and kimchee-carrot salad

Lunch: roasted pork bones with hot sauce and jicama-apple salad

Snack: kale chips and orange

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Day 8! Today was a little different than my normal routine. The eating was more spread out rather than concentrated. I felt alright, energy levels were pretty stable and no jabbering hunger pains. Maybe my body is learning to use its energy stores efficiently? :D

Breakfast: kitchen sink soup with bone broth (watercress, broccoli, mushrooms, bell peppers) and two eggs

Snack: sweet potatoes and apple and strawberry

Snack: carrot and cucumber

Snack: cashews and almonds and pecans

Dinner: steamed clams, 2 harboiled eggs, apple, pear, orange, and pecans

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Nice job so far on the reset. I reset my W30 a day after you did. Like you, I'm doing much better this time.

Any advice on purchasing kimchee? I've always loved sauerkraut and I recently had some kimchee for the first time. It was great...

I saw a big jar of it at Costco, but I wasn't sure how the quality, taste, heat, etc would compare to other sources. I do like spicy foods, but I'd probably rather start with a relatively tame kimchee and work my way up from there.

Keep up the good work ...

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Thanks Jim! I am so happy to hear that you're rocking this w30! :D

I am super blessed with a mother that knows how to make homemade kimchee cabbage and kimchee daikon radish with no sketchy ingredients. Be careful with most store-bought ones because they just load it up with sugar and preservatives! If the kimchee is overly sweet or salty, it's a bad sign. I always prefer my kimchee a little sour..my mom sweetens her kimchee with julienned apples so it's completely w30-approved. :P Also, even though it's a fermented dish, kimchee should not be wilted or limp like some sauerkraut. It needs to have nice crunch too! Have fun trying different kinds! Asian fermented veggies are addictive..in a good way;) Best of luck on the rest of your w30 and keep trying new foods:)

Day 9 was smooth sailing!

Breakfast: kitchen sink soup with bone broth and veggies (bok choy, broccoli, mushrooms, cabbage, black fungus) and 2 eggs

Snack: jicama and papaya

Lunch: big ass salad (spinach, cucumber, bell pepper, tomato) and baked short ribs

Dinner: apple and baked short ribs

I've noticed that my appetite is regulating itself. I have more awareness of how full I am. I can accurately evaluate the reason and severity of my hunger or cravings. It's good to have this mental clarity back. Now, I need to work on eating 3 meals rather than constantly grazing!

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Day 10: I haven't felt this much mental clarity in a loooong time. My energy level is clearly more stable than before..there's actually a eating pattern or schedule that comes naturally to me now. Instead of grazing for 8 hours, I've learned to eat proper meals with breaks in between! This is a lot better for my digestion too:P

Breakfast: left over short ribs and big ass salad with spinach, cucumber, tomato, carrot, kimchee, and bell pepper

Snack: a tomato

Lunch: Soup bone meat and green turnips

Snack: apple and tomato

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Thank you Heather! This restart has really taught me more about how to interpret the signs that my body is sending me. Before it, I was obsessed with going Very Low Carb. Now I know that natural carbs are so important for energy and digestion for young, active girls like me:) Best of luck on your journey! I know you'll rock your w30 the first tie though;)

Day 11 Today I am going to do some crossfit so I'll be experimenting with higher carbs to see how it affects my energy and performance. So far, I'm feeling chippery:D

Breakfast: pork bone soup with veggies (tomato, bok choy, carrot, cabbage) and 2 eggs

Snack: biiig apple and a pear

Lunch: Pecans, cashew, dates, and an orange

Will probably have some heavy protein for dinner:)

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Okay...Day 12 was not the greatest. I ate all w30 approved foods but I ate a little too much of it..especially carb-heavy stuff. The foods are good but I get a headache and energy crash soon after consuming it. Now that I notice these effects, I will tone down the sugary fruits and up my leafy greens intake.

Breakfast: Pork bone soup with veggies (big bunch of spinach, cabbage, black fungus) and 2 eggs thrown in with a small apple and tomato

Snack: tomato and apple

Lunch: fish head stew with a Big Ass Salad (green leaf lettuce, tomato, jicama, cucumber)

Snack: left over jicama

Dinner: pork and 2 apples with an orange as a snack

That was a lot of fruit in one day...I really need to watch my apple intake! They're in season so they're super juicy and cheap right now; can't help myself haha! Back on track tomorrow! No sulking what so ever!

I think it's really important to stay positive even if you make small mistakes like eating too much fruit, which is barely a big deal compared to most people eating the SAD. I'm 19 and I'm fit so there really is no point wasting my precious youth on something as ridiculous as hating myself for enjoying some tasty in-season fruit. We got lives to live! ;)

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I've decided to do some IF today and reset my body for Day 13. If it gets too hard, I'll munch on some veggies or finish the leftover fish stew. The plan is to skip eating entirely today and just drink some green tea and water to cleanse my palate. I have this strange aftertaste on my tongue from all that fruit sugar I consumed last night. Happy Sunday everyone!

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So I fasted for about 23 hours today before I felt the need to eat. I began getting cranky and light-headed so I decided it wasn't smart to be a hero and duke it out for another while. Here's Day 13:

Dinner: steam cooked short ribs with a tomato, pickled carrots, and kimchee


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Day 14: I cannot believe it's been 14 days!!! Two weeks of clean eating has taught me so much about myself. Doing a w30 this time around is even more eye-opening than my first round. I've noticed so many more details and little habits that I could still improve on. It is so rewarding:)

Breakfast: bone broth soup with veggies (baby bok choy, spinach, tomato, eggplant) and leftover fish stew

Snack: apple and half a jicama

Snack: pickled carrots

Lunch: tomato and marinated duck wings

Snack: big handful of mac nuts

Good digestion these few days! I think it's because I introduced more fibrous carbs and quality fats. I shall continue to experiment with ratios and see how it goes:)

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Day 15: HALF WAY THEREEEE:) Eased up my control over ratios today. I seem to do well on moderate carbs and high protein and high fat. I will continue to experiment away tomorrow:D

Breakfast: big ass salad (lettuce, tomato, jicama, bell pepper) and left over duck wings

Snack: tomato

Lunch: ham hocks, soup bone pork meat, braised tongue platter with an apple

Snack: carrots

Dinner: left over soup bone meat and maybe a pig foot :)

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Okay so day 15 dinner was a bit bigger than I planned..lol

I had left over soup bone meat, a pig's foot, braised beef shank, an apple, and a carrot

off to pack cause we're moving! aka free heavy lifting exercise haha!

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Thanks Shaunna, your upbeat spirit is infectious:P

Day 16!! So I'm one of those oddballs that can't sleep in..It's a real tragedy. Recently I haven't been sleeping early enough so I'll still wake up at 8am after only 6 hours of rest:( This is messing with my appetite A LOT. The importance of sleep has never been more evident to me. The more tired I am, the more I crave sweets or carbs. I've definitely noticed a growing dependence on fruit...I should buy more safe starches this week to avoid too much fructose :/

Breakfast: pork bone broth with a big bunch of greens, a carrot, a zucchini, and some mushrooms thrown in.

Breakfast 2: a mixed platter of braised meats (ham hock, pig's foot, beef shank, beef tongue, beef heart)

Snack: an apple, a pear, an orange

Lunch: big ass salad (lettuce, tomato, jicama) and another round of braised meats

snack: 1 tbsp of sesame seeds

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Day 17! This week I tried the whole planning ahead of time by cooking in large batches strategy..I don't think it's for me. I've been eating braised beef for the past 3 days and I'm bored. lol I like cooking my food meal by meal. It takes more time but I really enjoy it and don't mind making time for it. I think I'll stick to cooking in smaller portions to keep myself excited about my food..except bone broth of course;) I'm literally obsessed with how easy it is to change up its flavour and what it has done for my skin! No more seasonal skin allergies!

Breakfast: big bowl of bone broth with chinese greens, eggplant, zucchini, tomato, and mushrooms + big platter of braised beef (heart, shank, and tongue)

Snack: apple

Lunch: big ass salad (romaine, jicama, carrot) and more mixed cold cut braised beef on top

Snack: big hunk of beef shank

Snack: coconut shreds or mac nuts or nothing at all...haven't decided yet:P

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Yeah Shaunna:( Unfortunately, my kitchen is under renovation right now so I don't have the luxury to cook up a storm for every meal..it'll all be over soon. But seriously, this is incredible. This is proof that the whole30 and eating paleo changes your taste buds for the better. The thought of eating takeout is repulsive to me. I'd much rather spend less money cooking up something fresh and healthy that doesn't taste like msg or processed crap. I really don't know any other 19-year-old that prefers cooking her own meals because she genuinely enjoys it (not for weightloss reasons). Eating this way makes me aware of the quality of the food I put into my mouth as opposed to just eating anything because I feel hungry.

Anywhooo, here's day 18..hopefully the last day of repetitive meals:P

breakfast: big ass salad (jicama, romaine, bell pepper, and tomato) with some cold cut pork heart

snack: apple with a tbsp of black sesame seeds

snack: some carrot sticks

Lunch: pork bone meat

snack: a green juice from the mall?

BTW, the doctor diagnosed me with IBS...I've never paid attention to the information about it from the paleo/primal gurus..does anyone have any good insight? I guess I'll be trying the "low-FODMAP" approach. From what I've read so far, it's gona involve cutting out apples, pears, watermelon, and stuff like that...:/ more research needed!

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It's some fancy acronym like Fermentable Oligosaccarides, Dissaccarides, Monosaccarides, And Polyos..at least that's what about.com told me haha

Day 19

Breakfast: a tomato and munched on some soup bones (with bone marrow)

Lunch: an orange, some rhubarb and braised pork

Snack: an Apple

Dinner: IF

I didn't have such a happy day today so I didn't feel especially hungry. Been under some stress lately, which could possibly be the reason for my gut problems...gonna go to bed early tonight to rest up! Hope everyone else is having a better day!

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