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Day 31 and counting!!


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Sooo here I am at the end of my first Whole 30!! I must say, this is one of the best gifts I've ever given myself. I'd have posted in the Success forum, but there's a few emotional things I need to share. 

I had no love left for myself, I stopped dating because I absolutely hated the way I looked and felt. I've had the worst IBS since I was a teenager, and even after losing a lot of weight I'd always remained overweight. The last romantic relationship I was in ended last fall, and the guy married a few months after :(  :(  :( , so that did a number to my waning confidence. I was always taking care of everyone else, but doing nothing for myself. I just read Calypso's post in the Success forum where she says she wrote how she felt she was at rock bottom, and I can certainly say 30days ago, that was exactly how I was feeling....Anywho I'll spare you gals my tearful story and fast forward to the good part.....

I'd read about paleo sometime last year and brushed it off as another dead hype. By some stroke of fate I ran across the Whole 30 website! I did not hesitate to start right away...not as a weight loss plan, but just to feel better (after all the great reviews I'd read). Discipline and meal prepping come naturally to me, so it wasn't hard for me to stay on track! I've loved every minute of this experience besides last weekend when I caught a really bad case of PMS. I feel great, I feel so much better. My friends are great skeptics and no-one really noticed the change in my mood because I'm generally always Happy Sally among people anyway. I'm so proud of myself, I have had so much energy. I've always worked out twice a day, and my workouts felt even more supercharged with all the energy I've had since starting! I'm going to continue whole30-ing, and I'll certainly be recommending it to any patient I interact with. My chronic IBS is completely gone; I can actually sit with people without feeling like I'm going to smother <suffocate> everyone with my irregular gas B)  :D  :D

I think this is the beginning of a new "era" for my life! A big crush of mine came up to me yesterday and said I was looking good!! Hmmhhhh :wub: .........I see dating in my near future!!!! I will not be weighing myself anytime soon, but I've taken a few pics along the way, even though I didn't notice any physical changes until I put the pics side by side yesterday! (I was already 2 weeks into T25 when I started, added to my Circuit workouts everyday too, so might explain the "pseudo-abs"!!). 

Thanks to everyone for the support. I'm probably going to cave in and go to Red Mango for some good ole frozen yogurt this weekend, but I'll be remaining Whole30 compliant besides that and do more rounds of T-25 to maintain my abs :)  I want to give Sean-T, Mellisa & Dallas Hartwig the biggest bear hug right now!!!

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This is beautiful!


I know this is a Success Story, but since you've chosen to post it in this forum, which is a bit more private, I'll leave it here. But this is definitely a success story!


I wish you lots of love and lots of great food in your future. Love, light, and power going your way.

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A big crush of mine came up to me yesterday and said I was looking good!! Hmmhhhh  :wub: .........I see dating in my near future!!!! 



Great post, & great abs BTW, but ^this! This is what I loved most - great to see that you've realised your worth. Keep it up!

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Thank you all :)  Loulabelle T-25 is a great workout. I've done Insanity and P-90 before, and the advantage in T-25 is less pylometrics, less time and I felt I was sweating wayyy more than I did with Insanity. Even the modified version looks like a great workout. I also do HIIT training and Body Pump so take my review with a grain of salt! 

But T-25 is definitely worth a try; you won't regret waking up 25 minutes earlier everyday.

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