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Starting on Monday, May 4th


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Hi!  I'm starting the Whole30 program on Monday.  Going grocery shopping and meal prepping this weekend.  My nephew told me about this plan and that he lost 15 pounds in one month so I'm excited to get started.  I ordered the "It Starts With Food" book, but I won't get it until sometime next week, but just going to follow the plan from what I got off the website.  Any suggestions for me as a newbee?


Does anyone know if Bai5 drink is Whole30 approved?  



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Thanks...kinda disappointed that Bai5 is not approved.  Any suggestions for caffeinated beverages?  I'm not a coffee drinker.


It's not allowed because no sugars or sweeteners of any kind in any amount are allowed on a Whole30.


Maybe open up to the concept of weaning off caffeine for your Whole30? :) 

Otherwise, tea may be an option for you.  Whole30 recommends not having caffeine after noon, to avoid sleep disruption.

As far as things to read as a newbie:

- Whole30 program rules

- Whole30 Can I Have Guide

- Whole30 Shopping list


And for best results, design each meal to fit the recommended meal template.


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