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I'm sure there are quite a few competent "personal chefs" in Toronto that can fill that order or you.  ;-)  Check Craigslist (or whatever your local online classified ads), call everyone, and say that you have very strict food requirements for a "medical condition" and that you will provide all of the information and guidelines that they will have to follow completely,  I know  here in the US we have a few that have centered their whole business plan around customizing menus for people.  I'd suggest having an interview with them - you'd probably get a feel right away if they're willing to do this or not.



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I would like to hire someone to shop and prepare meals for me - many for on the go, some for home. I am too busy and don't enjoy the food prep aspect of the program. I live in downtown Toronto. Thanks.

Hi Susan, I understand not liking food prep and the nature of our culture is that we are all so much busier than we actually have time for.  


Part of the real magic of this program though is learning how to treat yourself.  Sure, you can eat the foods that are laid in front of you without ever having touched them previously.  But what does that really teach you? This program is about so much more than just eating food.  It's about learning to care for yourself, treat yourself well and believe that you deserve to make time for yourself in the most basic way.


Failing all of that, you can certainly still do the elimination portion of the program simply by not eating any of the non compliant foods.  A personal chef or personal cooking company will cook food exactly to your specifications, I'm sure you'll be able to find one.

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A Whole 30 does require the commitment to cooking and shopping.  There are work arounds and easier options like roasted chickens from the market, canned fish, pre-made salads and the like.   The best way is to get your hands in there and whip up some personal meals.  They don't have to be exotic or perfect.  Simple cooking can change your food perspective, too. There's no need to make complicated recipes.


Remember that there are more than a few famous people who've had personal chefs for decades. Apparently it doesn't work for them either because the struggles are still there.   I've often wondered why that is when they have the option of choosing anything they want for a menu.


A Whole 30 is a Food Reset.   The Head Reset is just as important.  That comes from learning how to be comfortable with whole foods and portions that won't leave you hungry while removing the desire for snacking.

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