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JenX's Post-W30 Log


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Saturday was the usual hash with 2 eggs. Lunch was super late and was turkey taco salad with cilantro mayo and 2 GF beer. Dinner was partially sashimi at the sushi party, maybe 1/4 c rice, about 6 shots of saki, and some red wine. It is apparently a drinikning weekend! I also had a chicken wing, 2 chicken tenders and a bit of mayo, green olives and cherry tomatoes as I was starving when I got home.

Today I turned the hash ink a egg casserole. Pretty tasty! Will be eating it all week. BF was super late, lunch is even later. Have yet to have it. I want wine and cheese and I don't feel like fighting it so headed to the store. I did deep clean the kitchen today. Walls, woodwork, windows, appliances, cupboards...all gleaming! So needed! And I feel better for having finally gotten something done.

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So, this weekend was part pity-party, part period and a whole lot of alcohol. This culminated with 2 GF beers as I was cleaning the kitchen, and entire bottle of white between 3:30 and bedtime, and the last glass of red wine. In other words, a bender. However, the house is now out of open/drinkable wine and beer so it'll be safe to go home again.


Also yesterday, I kept pushing lunch off as the kitchen was in full swing.  I finally decided to go to the store for salami and cheese (to go with my wine) - I thought, heck, if I'm going to have a bender I may as well enjoy myself. The salami tasted amazing. The cheese was not fulfilling. I found it overly strong, and waxy textured. And this is just plain gouda, a cheese I used to eat regularly. I woke up at midnight with severe stomach pain - gas - caused by the cheese. I may just have to admit Cheese is not worth it to me anymore. that kind of makes me sad. It really hurt tho, so I'll think twice about having more cheese.


I'm not disappointed in myself, or lamenting the choices I made this weekend. I own them. It was definitely a "less healthy" weekend. In all fairness to my state of mind, I am still upset about my foot and the delay in being able to run, I was still in pain from walking the half (serious ache in my hip was driving me crazy), the heat was killing me and to top it all off, Aunt Flo showed up.  It was quite a weekend. Still, today is another day.  The goal is to go back to compliance for the week & weekend AND drink all my water ever day as that has been falling by the wayside. I'm having drinks out on Labor Day so I'll eat off-road that evening. Until then we're getting back to normal life.  And hopefully getting rid of the bloat that has happened from too much off-roading/gluten/booze.


Woke up at 5:30 w/ alarm. 6:20, I had a hb egg with a bit of mayo for Pre-WO. it's a weights/conditioning class from 8-9. No post-wo meal, just headed straight in to M1 which was the breakfast casserole I made yesterday + salsa verde.  Again, I should have added some fat and maybe some more veg to this. It didn't feel  like quite enough food. Oh well - I'll make do.


Headed home at 12:30  and will make turkey taco salad there for M2. Hopefully the avocados are ripe so I can fix that dressing.

After work, I'm going to make the shepherd's pie, however M3 will be chicken so I can eat while that's in the oven.

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There! I made it. Today was 100% compliant and to template. One day down...on to tomorrow. I ran out to ding something to treat the dog's foot, then got home and started the shepherds pie while I clarified butter, then reheated my chicken while I made the mash for the top. Popped it in the oven while I ate Meal 3 chicken quarter, broccoli with ghee, and mashed potato/cauliflower. I even cleaned the kitchen! Plus soaking and bandaging the dog's foot. 3x because she's difficult and I'm out of practice. She may need to see the vet. Hopefully she'll leave the bandages on and leave it alone overnight. Will check it tomorrow.

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I feel really good about my ability to get back to plan after a planned weekend off, and an unplanned weekend off. Quite often in the past, me going off the rails for even a day or 2 would send me into a spiral of eating unhealthy foods and drinking. Especially if moods and hormones were in play. Well, all those forces aligned over the weekend but I tore myself away from those bad habits and made and effort and just look where I am now!  Of course its easier to not eat some of those foods since I now know the effect and how they'll make me feel Gluten, no thank you! :)


So, for today:

Up at 6am

Meal 1 (6:45) 1 serving breakfast casserole (eggs, turkey taco meat, yams & kale), 1/2 avocado, 1/2 c sauerkraut

Pre-WO 3 bites of chicken salad

M2 @  - chicken salad w/ diced veggies & mayo + cucumber, bell pepper, baby carrots

M3 @  - Shepherd's pie


Good news is Ripley left her bandage on overnight. Bad news is the minute I let her out of her kennel this morning she tore it off. I let her clean it and take her time being outside, then soaked it in Epsom salts again and dosed her with Neosporin. I didn't try to bandage it for the day - she'll be in the kitchen and it was just deeply cleaned so it should be fine unwrapped. It looked and seemed a it less tender today so maybe we can turn it around. I'm going back to Centinela feed tonight for some booties I saw yesterday - something I can slip on when she goes out in the grass and dirt. I'd like to nurse her along until the weekend if possible so I don't have to take time off work to take her in.

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Pre-W)O ended up being 2 strips of turkey bacon from the meeting leftovers. not 100% compliant, but good enough. Workout was about 30 solid effort on the bike. I need to get my biking up to snuff if I'm going back to spin class. That and pulling my bike out and dusting it off. If I can't run for 2 months I need to do something a little more intense than walk!

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Yesterday ended up being a great day, again! Dinner was Shepherd's pie, and zucchini sautéed with garlic in EVOO.  I also had a pre-bed snack of 2 bites of chicken salad, and 3 green olives as I was hungry again before bed.  I woke up starving, too!  Thankfully Spencer got me up at 5:35 - my alarm set for 5:30 didnt' go off for some reason. Normally I curse that little fur-baby when he wakes me up but today I thanked him. Good kitty!


I had my morning coffee while petting cats and reading, the usual morning routine. Then got the dog up, re-bandaged her foot and took her out. Came in, had a pre-workout HB egg with a touch of mayo and took her back out while I watered the garden.  Since she was crazy-pants running back and forth, I had to re-bandage her foot again before I left. We'll see if she leaves it on.


Workout today is Ultimate Conditioning w/ my fav.trainer Jeffrey. 50 minutes of hard-core weights and cardio.

no Post WO

M1: egg,kale, turkey taco meat, yam casserole, 1/2 avocado, sauerkraut

M2: turkey taco salad with lime & cilantro/avo/mayo dressing

M3: maybe chicken and b.sprouts? that sounds good and I need to cook those up.


Guess I best get off to class. It starts in 15 minutes.

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Meal 3 last night was indeed chicken, and roasted b.sprouts w/ mayo. yum!  I had pineapple kombucha before dinner and a LaCroix after. Went to bed relatively early and slept well, but still tired this morning. I'll try to get to bed early tonight as well It's finally cooled off so I'm sleeping much better overall.


Up at 6:15

M1 @ 7:15 - egg casserole w/ hot sauce, 1/2 avocado, blk coffee x2

M2 @ 12:30 - turkey taco salad w/ lime, cilantro, avo mayo

M3 @ 6:30 - shepherd's pie? or burgers. will decide when I get home


I'm supposed to go to spin class after work, but I may decide to workout at lunch instead. If I don't, I have to run home at lunch and I really don't feel like doing that today. I guess i'll cross that bridge when I come to it.


For this weekend, i'll make sure I have food made for my meals so I have no excuse to go off schedule or out of compliance. I am feeling more comfortable in my clothes again and the scale is back down to my normal average so all the bloat from my period, the heat and the unhealthy food/drink seems to be gone. I did come to the realization that if I just consistently eat this way, the way that makes me feel good, gives me energy, and makes me happy , that scale number will eventually come down. It will take patience on my part but I have that. so this is what I'm working toward.

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Waffling back and forth on going to spin class after work, so I decided to have a pre-WO snack and just go to the gym over lunch. As it turns out I was lucky (?) enough to snag the last bike at the 1:00 spin class...with the really HARD trainer.  Ugh! 2 things...Coming off a 3month hiatus don't put your tension knob up that quickly, m'kay?? And secondly... smoked kippered herring before heavy cardio is NOT a good idea.  I so almost puked. And kept burping it the whole class. Glad I brought some fizzy water to have with lunch today. I need some bubbles.


In other news, I finished the class, skipped the standing sprints but kept my feet moving the whole time, and I didn't die (although I did come close). I'll be back for more.

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I slept really well last night, and was up at 5 with my alarm with ease.  30 minutes drinking coffee, reading and petting the cats, then my pre-WO hb egg w/ mayo. Grabbed breakfast and lunch, packed my gym bag, took care of the beasties and out the door with a 2nd cup of coffee by 6:15. It's been a long long time since I've made a 7am class, but I did it. And I had almost 30 minutes to spare!


Pre-WO - hb egg (1) w/ mayo

Workout - 50 min. spin class

Meal 1 - egg casserole with salsa verde & 1/2 avocado, sauerkraut

Meal 2 - chicken salad, romaine, cucumber

Meal 3 - shepherd's pie w/ leftover roasted sprouts


I am feeling much better in every way. I'm finally getting my endorphins (I am an admitted endorphin junkie) from spin, my GI issues have cleared up (solid poo 2 days in a row - woo hoo!!), my energy is great, my mood is elevated. Now I just need to make it through the long weekend... Planning will be key. Making sure lunch is already prepped before lunchtime. staying busy (and I have plenty to do). getting outside both for enjoyment and exercise. this is the plan.

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Hot cooked breakfast this morning. 3eggs scrambled on chicken fat, sautéed onion, bacon and kale, 1/2 avocado.

M2: chicken salad, cucumbers,

So happy it's a 3 day weeks. I almost got some GF beer on the way home from the vet but don't need it to celebrate. I know that. I really do. But sort of want it anyway. Still, resisting the urge so far.

Thought about going to a movie but I think I just want popcorn. I can make some late if I still want it. I think I'm bored but I'm not inclined to do anything today but watch tv right now. Some days you just need it.

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So happy toreport a couple of things. First off, cheese still doesn't taste good but this time no midnight tummy ache. I'll shreds it and add it to eggs this week just to use it up but don't plan on buying more. 2nd I was able to savor the 2 glasses of wine last night and then stop - huge for me! Usually if I have 2 glasses I don't stop and end up drinking 3-4 even tho at that point you're not even really tasting it anymore. 3rd won't buy the GF crackers again. I didn't even like them all that much but they were FWOB. Ate the whole box just becauce it was something crunchy.

My eyes are a bit crusty today but I think that's from working in the yard yesterday. Very dry and dusty out there. I'll eat breakfast and start work in the back this morning.

Meal1: shepherd's pie

Meal 2: salad with chicken salad

Meal 3: out at Trader Sam's. Will find something relatively healthy and GF.

Off to the kitchen. I need to make lunch now so I can run in and eat later without having to prep.

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Well, my day is not gong as planned. Finished making the chicken salad and eating breakfast. Then I went to do the dishes. Uh-oh, clogged drain. I needed to go to Target anyway so had a 2nd cup of coffee and took the dog for a ride. Target for a new plunger and drain opener, the feed store of dog food (and a treat for her). Her antibiotics are making her I'll so she puked in the car. I still need to go clean that up but its 95 degrees out. So, the drain. Plunged to no effect. Took off the p-trap (and flooded the cabinet) snaked the drain. Re-assembled, still no joy. Took it apart again (and flooded again) and snaked. Nothing. Put it together and pkunged some more. The took it apart with the worst flood yet (!) and snaked and snaked and snaked. Finally started to pull up what looked like rotted meat - oh yeah. I put the rest of the pork roast down yesterday. Oops. Guess I won't do that again. The drain is now working, dishes are done, and now it's time for lunch. Using the slow drain liquid to finish cleaning it out and having a GF beer, then lunch. After that a bit of cleaning is all I have time to do. Oh well sometimes life happens.

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I was compliant food-wise all day yesterday. But oh, the alcohol! :D  I hurt myself and am paying for it today. Let's see...

M2 was indeed chicken salad, with a side of roasted yam & asparagus (delicious combo!)

M3 was at home, after Trader Sam's and was chicken thigh, hb egg and coleslaw.


drinks included 2 GF beers, and 2.5 large rum drinks that were very very strong and put me on my ass! I hardly ever drink hard alcohol anymore and boy, I don't think I will again for a while. I had such a headache at 1 am it woke me up. I had to take advil and drink a bunch of water to get back to sleep. Don't feel particularly horrid this morning, just a bit tired. However I had a bout of IBS-D this morning so now I know alcohol IS a contributing factor for sure.  Ugh. Time to clean it up again.


Meal 1: egg/veggie/turkey casserole, sauerkraut, 2c black coffee, 24 oz water

Pre-wo: hb egg

workout - spin class (50 min, high intensity)

Meal 2: chicken salad, cucumber, red bell pepper

Meal 3: turkey burgers, coleslaw (non-compliant - did add sugar to this batch).


I still have open wine and GF beer in the house but will try to leave those alone for now. Meeting the girls for HH on Thursday so may allow a drink then - otherwise not until the weekend. I have a vacu-vin on the bottle and its in the fridge so it should be fine until then.

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I am thankful


thankful to be getting my body back into shape. thankful that I'm able to do spin class for that endorphin rush, thankful to be relatively healthy and pain free. Thankful to have sweated most of the rum from last night out of my body. I feel 100% better! :D   I really needed that today. 50 minutes, pushing hard. I even averaged 140watts which is a large improvement over last week.  I still can't do the standing sprints - too much pressure on my foot - but I jack the tension and sprint seated against it.  I may wear my HR monitor to Thursday's class to get a better idea of how hard I'm pushing.

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Post lunch, I did have a dark chocolate and oats Nature Valley bar (2pk) with a cup of coffee. It was partially impulse but I also was curious what effect it would have. No serious spike, but I noticed I got hungry earlier than normal for dinner. I also feel a bit bloaty. We'll see if any more side effects. It tasted good. I think in part my body was looking for carbs since I didn't have any at any meal or post wo today. Didn't have any at Meal 3 either. Figured that granola was plenty.

Plan for tomorrow is Jeffrey's Ultimate Conditioning class at 8...maybe Pilates at 7 if I can motivate. And Thursday I either do to Shereta's 7am class and then spin for 30 or just do spin/elliptical. Have to workout in the AM tho b/c dog has a lunchtime recheck and I'm going out after work. Friday is spin and maybe boxing. Woo hoo! Getting back in the groove!

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too hot last night so sleep quality was poor. I couldn't fall asleep until after 10:30, and  I woke up 4 times and kept trying to find a cooler area in the bed. Finally got up with my alarm at 5am and still felt well rested even considering....  After coffee and cat-attention, I got the dog up, packed my gym bag, grabbed a hb egg and headed to the (wonderfully air conditioned) gym.


woke up 5:00 am

HB egg w/ mayo (5:45am)

Pilates @ 7

UBC @ 8

Post WO/M1 @9:15 - Shepherd's pie

M2@2:00: Chicken salad, green salad

M3 @ 7 - salmon, roasted brussel sprouts, potato wedges, mayo w/ lemon pepper


Pilates was difficult and I really need to start going faithfully again to build up my hips/gluteus. I felt more able in UBC - there was very little my foot couldn't do and the whole class was non-impact today so that helped.  I'm starting to feel much more like myself again with the boost in exercise and I hope to see some inches lost before too long as things tone back up. But mostly I do it for my energy and my mood and it's working :D! I feel great today.


Running home at lunch to check on the dog, let her out, and make my lunch.  this morning, BM was loose still and I was having gut pains. Maybe from that granola bar yesterday, or leftover effects from the Rum. I feel fine now though. I thought it may have been the sugar/chocolate in the granola bar that had me sleeping rough too, at least in combination with the heat. Hope to sleep better tonight but the house will still be a furnace. No cool down expected until Fri/Sat.

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Had a GF beer at lunch and am having 1.5 glasses of red wine with dinner, but no potato.

Also no green salad at lunch. Instead RBP and cucumber. I also ate what is usually 2 seconds of chicken salad. I was starving'. All the activity is caching up with me I guess. I'll have to start bringing post workout too.

Back is getting really stiff. All those little muscles she is in Pilates-I feel them all!

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Let's just change that to 3 glasses last night. I had the rest of the bottle. To be honest I'd say the last 1/2 glass no longer tasted good but at that point I drank it anyway. I also had 2 slices of gouda to go with it.


No ill effects this morning. Only 1 bm and it was normal.  it was another rough night heat-wise. Waking up 4-5x, sweaty. I even got up at 2am and had a cold La Croix. Both fans going all night. Back door/windows open and fan on the dog in the kitchen. All that and the house didn't get below 85. Absolutely horrid. I'm going to have to buy an air conditioner for the bedroom I think. Or look at the portable ones so I can wheel it about the house.


Up at 5 - 1 cup coffee

5:45 - pre-WO hb egg

Workout: 20 min AMT, 25 minutes Tour de France bike on route 4 (450+ gain).

9:00- Meal 1: egg casserole (eggs, turkey sausage, veggies, coconut milk), pan-roasted potato (1/2 a russet), left over oven roasted brussel sprouts. Big meal 1 today and I remembered the post workout carb - yay me!


Not sure when to eat Meal 2 today. I need to leave work at 12:30 to run home and take the dog to her 1:30 vet appointment. Commuting time means I may not be back at work before 3.  Maybe I'll have a couple bites of my tuna salad before I go so I can push lunch that late. Going out after work with girls and I would rather not be hungry at the Italian restaurant so that may work out well.


Meal 2: tuna salad (tuna, dill pickle, celery, mayo), romaine lettuce

Meal 3: baked chicken leg & wing, coleslaw


I'm a little sore in a bunch of places so backed out of the 7am exercise class, and opted to just to active recovery on the cardio equipment. Also did some band work on my hips and rolled everything out. I'm feeling such a difference emotionally now that I'm getting regular cardio again! I know it's the only thing that really helps me avoid depression (although doing the W30 while on the DL also kept me from getting depressed!). Now if only the body would cooperate and drop some more of this fluff...Instead I'm swollen up from the heat!

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So, ended up eating my "lunch" at about 3:15, after taking the dog to the vet and back home, and getting back in to work. this worked out great, because then when I met the girls at 6 I was so NOT tempted to eat at the restaurant. We caught up and I had 2 glasses of wine, then ran home for Meal 3. It was another hot night, but cooler than the night before. I also tried a new arrangement with the fans which seemed to keep me cooler, so I slept better. I slept straight through from 10;30 to 4:30 am. Bummer is my alarm is set for 5 so I didn't really go all the way back to sleep. I had to leave at 6:40 and the plan was to drop Ripley off for her foot surgery at 7, then take the boxing/conditioning class as work. I had 2 hb eggs (longer wait between eating and working out) and loaded the car, grabbed my breakfast to go to eat after workout.


At the vet at 7:10 just to find out they don't open until 7:30. I could have sworn they said drop-off was between 7 and 9:30 but I must have misheard. I took her for a 20 minute walk while we waited.  Came to the gym, put on my wraps and went to class just to find out the instructor overslept and they cancelled it. Now what?  Okay, so I got on the elliptical for 15 minutes and walked for another 5. That gives me 40 minutes total with the dog walk. Good enough.


Up @ 4:45

pre-wo (5:45) hb eggs

Meal 1: egg casserole w/ salsa verde

Meal 2: buying at work (salad w/ chicken?) will update in the next post

Meal 3: turkey burgers on lettuce w/ fixings, homemade mayo, roasted potatoes (?) Broccoli (?)


I'm almost out of food at home so dinner is whatever I can scrounge and lunch will be bought at the commissary. Leaving work early today to pick the dog up and get her settled at home. I hope the anesthetic doesn't make her as sick as it did when she was a pup in for spaying.  I do have some newspapers in the car just in case this time. Poor little girl! :blink:  :(


No real plans for this weekend. It's supposed to cool of a bit so I hope to get some more yard work done. I also need to run to the bike shop and get cleats that match the spin bike pedals so I can wear my bike shoes. And got to Kohl's for some more clothes - particularly pants. All my pants are wearing out at the same time. Oh, and grocery shopping, obviously. And cooking. Looking forward to next week's exercise classes.

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So the dog was ready to go home by 1 and I opted to eat at home yesterday instead. M2 was 1 turkey burger in lettuce with mayo, cucumber and red bell pepper slices. Also had a handful of green Ives a bit later. Dinner was also a turkey burger, handful of kalamata olives no veggies-bad I know. I did make air popped popcorn with clarified butter. Been wanting something crunchy all day and wanted to test it. So far so good. Couldn't eat the whole bowl and stopped when I was sated. I did demolish a bottle of white wine over the course of the afternoon/evening. And finished the Gouda (maybe 3 oz or less). I'm fine with all my choices. I know it was partially stress reaction to the dog's surgery and now waiting for biopsy results.

Finally a glimmer of coolness this morning. I have all doors and windows open trying to capture it. Will be going to the store 1st thing after breakfast. I have NO food beyond leftover bf casserole. Lunch may have to be a repeat of that or tuna today. Dinner will be fish tacos. Both the Fish Vera Cruz and tortillas defrosted overnight. Hate to turn in the oven but will manage.

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