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So, after much back and forth I've decided to delay legumes until tomorrow (Saturday). I specifically want to test peanuts to see if I get an ocular migraine again or if that was a fluke last time. I'm going to get one or 2 Justin's single serve PB packs at Sprout's tonight so I don't have a full container of pb coming in the house. I'm not big into peas or beans but will get some hummus I guess and dip veg in it.

So, today will be compliant:

Meal 1 - shepherd's pie (I'm so sad it's gone! I need to make more) LOVE it for breakfast btw. warm and comforting. Didn't last as long as my usual breakfast though. I ate at 7 and am already getting hungry even though I had an extra cup of coffee.

Meal 2 - boiled shrimp (from home) w/ Mayo/avo/cillatro dressing (from home). Salad bar salad from work (greens, spinach & veggies + olives).

Meal 3 -!leftover chicken and roasted potatoes, broccoli EVOO. Time to hit the store! LOL!

Looking forward to the weekend. More shopping/cooking/cleaning but I'm going to get outside for some serious yard clean up. Finally, the body and the weather are in cooperation so this can happen! Also plan on a 7 mile walk at the beach. Surprisingly NOT sore from yesterday's speed walk at lunch even though I managed to average a 4.0 mph.

I've treated myself to a few new clothing items since I finished the last W30. Maybe I need a pair of new shoes too. :D I'm bad about treating myself with things other than food and I know it's something I need to change.

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Making hard and fast rules for the reintroduction period seems to be making all the difference with me this time. Last time, with my supposed slow-roll, I had too much gray area/too much freedom, and I just don't do well with that. I have a hard time with moderation, but I'm a very good rule-follower.

Shepherd's pie - food network, alton brown's recipe - to DIE for! His seasonings are just dead on. Enjoy!

My kids and I love watching "Good Eats" together! The show is interesting enough for my 10 year old (and me) and entertaining enough to keep the six year old interested too!!
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Quiet morning. Cooked breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen. Now I'm enjoying a second cup of coffee before I grab a shower. Then it's off to the store to stock up on veggies and meat.

Meal 1 - 3 scrambled eggs, sautéed kale, onion, mushroom, 1/2 thumb ghee in eggs. Other fat from eggs.

Meal 2 - PB test. 2 packets of Justin's classic with celery and pickle, leftover beef burgers with all the fixings on Bella mushrooms. I love peanut butter, but does it love me?

Snack - Justin's chocolate hazelnut packet.

Meal 3 - pork, b.sprouts, hummus, baby carrots, mayo

I got a bit of a headache afte the pb, but I had another cup of coffee and a bit of a nap and it went away. No bad effects from the hummus yet except I feel gas building. That was totally expected. The hazelnut choc spread was totally a treat. I wanted something else non-compliant and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Meal 1 - 3 scrambled eggs, kale, onion, mushroom and 1/3 avocado

8 mile walk @ 3.5mph average. One rest at mile 6.5 to let the dog cool off. She was dying, poor thing

Meal 2 - chicken salad, cucumbers, kombucha

Meal 3 chicken quarter, wing, asparagus, baked potato w ghee.

Compliant day today. I wasn't in the mood to do that walk after having only about 5 hrs sleep but I went out. Once I was at the beach it was so nice I extended from 7 to 8. No problems with my foot. My legs/butt only started to get tired about mile 6.5 so making improvements.

Ran home and ate lunch. Then had a solid hour nap on the couch before getting up to cook & clean up. For the week - Mayo, turkey taco meat, pork ribs, chicken, baked potato, asparagus, I should also prep lettuce for salads I suppose. mane I can do that tomorrow with the laundry. Need to vacuum right now to get up the flea & tick dust stuff. Too many chores and not enough weekend! Story of my life.

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So big debate on whether to go to class this morning. there are still things I can't do (jumping jacks etc) and i'll have to be careful w/ foot placement & how I step, but I decided to not let that stop me. I *should* have brought my breakfast and had pre-wo before leaving the house, but I was starving this morning so opted to just eat Meal 1. I brought 2 eggs for post wo. Not ideal, but I can just eat the whites (unless I'm starving again). Then I'll be running home for lunch both to throw something together and to let the dog out.

Meal 1 - turkey taco meat, sweet potatoes, kale w 1 thumb coconut oil (liking the refined stuff! to residual flavor at all!)

Meal 2 - shredded Kahlua pig w/ 1 T bbq sauce (noncompliant but natural), BAS w/ 1/2 avo & vinaigrette

Meal 3 - 1 palm steak, asparagus, baked potato w ghee, Ralph's generic steak sauce (dextrose, MSG) used less than 1Tbsp.

I decided to check the scale this morning, and it is finally headed back down. I was up about 2lbs from my last day 30 between PMS, period and food intros. I know I shouldn't check, but I still have trouble believing I can eat like this and actually lose weight. even though I've done it 2x now, I still can't believe it.

well, off to class. I'm going to be so sore tomorrow!

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Class was good. I'm definitely not 100% thought. Cant comfortably be down on all 4s or in plank on my foot so did all push-up work/planking on knees. Obviously side-plank was also uncomfortable so just did side-crunches.  Muscles have lost quite a bit of strength so it's going to take some hard work to get it back. Otherwise, it felt really good, even with the limitations I have right now. Its making me feel a bit like my old self again. Walking on tap for Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, + a long walk (10 miles) on the weekend, and another class on Wednesday morning. 


NOTE TO SELF: That particular breakfast is NOT good for workout - it repeated on me a bit. :wacko:

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**Gluten-free grains test today**


Meal 1 - 2 (small) corn tortillas, leftover steak, 1/2 an avocado, green onion, hot sauce (ie, tacos!)  pan fried zucchini in coconut oil.  I was unsure if I ate enough but I'm coming up on the 3 hr mark and I'm not starving yet so that's a good sign. 


Meal 2 - BAS (greens, cuc, rbp, radish, green onion) vinaigrette, 1.5 palms chicken breast (w/ skin), white jasmine rice (1 cup) coconut aminos


Meal 3 - pork spareribs w/ non-compliant but natural bbq sauce, left over brussel sprouts, corn on the cob w/ ghee



Impressions:   3 hrs after the tortillas, nothing to report. No weird hunger, no change to normal energy. They tasted good, but not something I generally eat every day or with abandon. Will be nice to have fish tacos once in a while. Glad they keep forever in the freezer  b/c I put the rest of the package in there this morning.  I'm going to eat my whole lunch before I eat the rice so I'll update the amount afterward. smelled good cooking this morning.


I am a bit sore all over from yesterday. Abs, shoulders, triceps & quads in particular.  My foot was swollen  last night (I iced) so not sure if I should go to class tomorrow or not. Will walk at lunch today.

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Well, I guess that was enough breakfast afterall. I'm at about 4.5 hrs now and just getting hungry. decided to eat a HB egg in prep for workout, and then I decided I didn't want to walk or workout today. Just not feeling it.

Update on rice: Didn't taste very good at all. I ate 1 cup to make sure I have enough in my system. I don't think I like coconut aminos is part of it, but the plain rice didn't taste good either. Leaving a very heavy feeling in my belly too. further update, that heaviness has turned into acid reflux, gurgly stomach, a minor headache and a horrible taste in my mouth. I think rice will be saved for only those rare occasions I go out for sushi and can't afford to just eat sashimi.

Update in corn on the cob. OMG Devine! I don't eat corn often but I sure do like it. So far no problems.

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**today is a compliant day**


So, I slept really well last night, but did have a small bout of IBS-D this morning. I suspect it was the corn as that is notoriously hard to digest.  Slept all the way through the night (never happens!) and then woke up before my alarm.  I got breakfast and lunch cooked and packed and had a pre-WO hb egg - not within the 1 hr timeline from waking up, sadly - I almost forgot it entirely! had it closer to 1.5 hrs from waking.


Workout was Total Body Conditioning class w/ my favorite trainer. I've missed working out with him!  He was more careful about my foot than I was and checked in on me constantly :) He was also super light on cardio (for him) today. we did a lot of weights/form work instead. Remembered to wrap my foot before class, and I've iced afterward. It was a little swollen after Monday's class and I don't want that happening again.


Pre-WO  1 hb egg

Post -WO was Meal 1 - turkey taco meat, kale, sweet potato, all cooked in 1 thumb coconut oil. No additional fat as I scraped out the pan.

M2 - chicken salad on greens w/ cucumber and red bell pepper

M3 - turkey burgers, left over sprouts, maybe roasted potatoes if I'm hungry today


I'm at the point where I prefer the compliant days to my test days. test days have to much indecision, choices, additional shopping/prep, and then having to self-analyze every feeling, sneeze and burp to see if it's being caused by the off-plan addition. exhausting!! I can't wait to be done with this. Only 2 more to go. Dairy is Friday and that leaves Gluten for Monday (or later if it takes me more than 2 days to recover from dairy).


Been jonesing for a glass of wine again but have not brought any home or opened any I already have. I do want to stick with my plan of just NOT drinking at home anymore.  I know that's a path to sloth town for me.  I always start with the best intention of having only one glass but it rapidly declines into a free-for-all.  So, if this desire doesn't calm down I may need to drag a friend out. I have a tendency to avoid being social, so this would be good for me.

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I ate lunch at 2pm and here it is 4:30 and I'm already hungry.  Not sure why. Lunch was plenty large. It must be because I did 2 classes this week for the first time in 9 weeks.  :mellow:   I'll try to tough it out (read, have more herbal tea & water) but I guess I do have an emergency HB egg here if I really need it.  I sense dinner will be LARGE! and will include potatoes!


because I'm hungry that little niggling want of a glass of wine is getting stronger. Need to quash that bugger - get it out of my head.

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I'm still having some symptoms from the GF grains so the dairy test tomorrow may need to be delayed. Guess I'll make that decision tomorrow.

Yesterday I did have that egg, and a few almonds to get me home. Had potatoes with my burgers and sprouts. Also had normal ketchup (sugar. No HFCS). Plus a tsp sugar in my evening coffee. We'll see if that causes more cravings. I'm thinking the rice/corn is what set off the wine craving too.

For today: *compliant day*

Meal 1 - 2 eggs, turkey taco meat (1/2), jar, yam and 1 T coconut oil.

Pre-WO - 1 HB egg

Workout - elliptical & treadmill (too hot outside for walking at lunch)

Meal 2- chicken (1palm), 1/2 avocado, salad from work, vinaigrette from home

Meal 3 - chicken thigh, leg and wing; roasted potatoes; coleslaw

Got a lot of things done around the house while my friend took my dog for a run. I'm sort of liking this service she's providing :D Too bad once I'm allowed to run again I have to take that chore back over. Looking forward to working out today - steady state cardio only. I'm not near as sore from yesterday as I expected to be, not as sore as I was after Monday's class. that first one back is always the worst.

I cannot get over the mental changes I've had between the 1st whole 30 and the 2nd. after the 1st I couldn't wait to have certain things I felt I'd been "denied". toward the end of that month between the 2 W30's I ended up sliding back into some old patterns. This time, here I am 2 weeks into reintroductions, and I'm feeling much more secure. I feel I'm really getting a handle on what effects me, and how, and how badly. I look forward to my compliant days between the test days because I know by the end of those compliant days I start to feel great. Like today. Today is the 2nd compliant day and I feel better than yesterday. I am starting to believe I can continue to eat this way with the occasional off-road thing now and again. And now it's by choice. I WANT to eat this way b/c I love how it makes me feel.

I'm getting curious to get on the scale again - feeling slim today. I suspect the legumes from Saturday bloated me a bit and that's gone away, hence the way my clothes are fitting. I may just take a peek. I tend not to get bothered by the # the scale shows. I've always weighed more than I look I weigh anyway so came to terms with the scale number years ago.

First things first...time for my pre-workout egg. I'm starving! LOL!

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Well I thought my GI troubles had resolved so I added TJ's full fat Greek yogurt w honey to breakfast. Then I still had a bout of loose stool. it was too soon after eating for it to be the yogurt, had to still be residual issues from the GF grains test. And now my stomach hurts which I think IS the yogurt. I may suspend the rest of my dairy test and try again when symptoms all resolve.

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stomach pains have stopped (a while ago actually), and no more bouts of IBS-D today. I'm still torn on whether I should continue w/ dairy or just take a break. I'd like to finish a45503671ll my testing before I go to Napa next Friday so need to finish dairy and do gluten AND have time to recover from ill effects. I guess I'll just continue.

So, for today:

m1 - 1/2 serving taco meat, 1 fried egg, yams, kale + TJ's Honey Greek Yogurt (nothing artificial, no carrageenan), Yogurt tasted good, but was filling. I had a minor headache driving in - not sure if that was the yogurt or the massive high pressure building (I get weather headaches). Meal 1 was at 6:40 and I'm starting to get a bit hungry already, under the 4 hr mark. Meal 1 was slightly less than normal to account for the addition of the yogurt and obviously yogurt doesn't have as much staying power as meat, veg and fat. plus the sugar spike...well, you know what that does.

M2 - salad bar from work + chicken breast and vinaigrette from home. Hope to add cottage cheese, but if none, will add grated cheese from the bar.

Meal 3 - leftover pork ribs, zucchini, ice cream (1pint cool hays).

Weekend is to be compliant. then I can test gluten either Monday or Tuesdays. My friends are going out to sushi on Tuesday and asked if I want to go with. part of me does...part of me doesn't want to spend the money on something that doesn't make me feel fabulous. And sushi doesn't' sound particularly good right now so I think I'll pass. I'll be eating enough off-road over the following weekend, and I hope to buy some wines for the cellar so need to save my $$.

I did get on the scale this morning. No change in the #'s - no biggie. I'm just happy I feel a bit more svelte.

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Hey! Salad bar actually had cottage cheese! I had about 1/2 cup and a sprinkle of yellow cheese on my salad as well.  Both taste delicious...I really love cheese. Now we'll see what happens.


(1h later) what happens is GAS. omg.!  thankfully it doesn't smell. after all, I'm still at work! :wacko::blink:  :huh:  :unsure:

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Ugh. iBS-D this morning as expected. Slept fine, sugar didn't keep me up. I do have very dark eye circles though and am congested. Thanks, dairy!

Meal 1 - 3 scrambled eggs, kale and bacon (2strips).

Meal 2 - tuna w mayo, pickle and veggies + cucumber, peppers and lettuce

Meal 3 - hot wings and cole slaw

I was very very close to picking up a bottle of wine at the store bits a hot weekend and having a cold glass of white just sounds so good. Managed to talk myself out of it. I'll have a beer on gluten test day. But let me reiterate my own rule here. NO drinking wine at home. I have to be OUT, preferably with a friend. This is not forever, this is for now. But for now that is the rule.

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*compliant day*

M1 - 1 chicken thigh, hash of potato, onion, mushroom and cabbage in coconut oil + 1 soft-boiled egg. Tasty! Not sure it was enough food but breakfast was late today so if I get hungry early I can eat.

M2 - turkey burgers on portobello mushrooms, salad.

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Managed to hold off until just after noon.

I'll have to cook a chicken for dinner. I'm out of cooked protein entirely.

I broke down and took some Imodium to try and get the D more under control. Lactose is NOT my friend. No cramping or gas at least so that's something.

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Meal 3 last night was a chicken leg and wing, and coleslaw, plus a few leftover baked potato wedges. I also had a decaf coffee later that contained some coconut French vanilla creamer (1 tsp) and coconut milk.

I slept well, but didnt' want to get out of bed this morning. I kept pushing my alarm back further and further. Opted to skip class. Then when I finally did get up at 6:45 I was rushing around trying to get things done. All I brought for lunch was some chicken breast - i'll have to buy a salad and I have dressing at work.

I'm also totally not hungry. I'm sitting here staring at my breakfast cross-eyed b/c I don't want to eat it. And I've been up for 2.5 hrs. Not sure what's wrong with me today. Maybe it's just all the heat this weekend taking its toll. Now that I'm at work in the a/c maybe my appetite will come back.

I feel a bit down and a bit hormonal today. I suppose it could be related to the dairy trial...I don't know.

Meal 1 - leftovers of yesterday's breakfast (chicken thigh + hash of potato, cabbage, onion & mushroom)

Meal 2- BAS (greens and raw veggies) + chicken breast + homemade vinaigrette

Meal 3 - grass fed Ny strip (1 Palm), asparagus, plantain, Ralph's steak sauce (msg & sugar)

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Slept well and up before my alarm this morning. I feel much more normal mood and energy-wise. Scale has been stalled since the end of my last W30 - something about reintroduction I suppose. That plus I seem to be headed back into PMS already so hormones at not balanced at all. Again, reintroductions-caused? Maybe.


*compliant day*

Meal 1- pork breakfast sausage, kale, zucchini and 2 scrambled eggs (ghee and chicken fat to cook in and ate it).super filling breakfast. Couldn't finish it all. It was about 1/2 cup sausage crumbles, 2 eggs, 1 cup cooked kale and 1-1.5 cups zucchini. I ate just about 3/4 (and all the egg).

Meal 2 - chicken salad on salad (mayo, vinaigrette)

Meal 3 - kahlua pig?, zucchini noodles? Not sure if I want this for dinner or not tonight. will decide when I get home. I have thawed ground turkey so maybe I'll make a Bolognese for the zoodles instead.


My brain is obsessing on the fact the scale # is stuck. "It can't just be the reintroductions, can it? Maybe I need to lower my fat and/or  cut back on portions." Intellectually, I know this isn't the answer and I need to get out of this mindset, but it's hard. it's years of diet mentality I need to unlearn.  I'm still pleased by the fact I can eat all this delicious food, not have to log anything, count calories, obsess on servings sizes, etc. AND have the scale hold steady. Maybe I'm just on a plateau for now, or it's hormones, or it IS the reintroduction days. I'll tough it out, get back on more strictly starting Tuesday when I'm back in town and see what happens.  What really NEEDS to happen is getting rid of the scale...again...for good... 


BM was okay this morning, but may still be b/c of the Imodium I took on Sunday so will hold off on gluten test until tomorrow (provided signs are good as the magic 8-ball says B) ).  All I know for sure is whatever day I test gluten, I'm having a damn beer!  It's the one thing I've craved through both Whole 30s and all the way through these reintroductions this time. And I put it last on purpose. Could have had an O-Mission (gluten "removed" beer) or a true GF beer, but I'd rather have one I really enjoy, gluten be damned.  Not sure what else...I guess I could have some pasta (another reason to make that sauce tonight) as I have some in the house.  And I think I have faro or barley in the house too so could make a grain salad. I was thinking of bread or a bun or something....but bread is FWOB. Will see what sounds good and make due with what I have/can get easily.

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Meal one kept me for 5 solid hours. Now having a 3rd cup of coffee so I can push lunch off a bit. Not the best solution, but you do what you have to do sometimes...In said cup of coffee are 2 Int'l Delights French Vanilla creamers (sugar) and one half-and -half creamer (carrageenan, dairy).  I really should just bring a can of coconut milk into work one of these days, for when I want rich creamy coffee. If I can find some in a small carton instead of a can I'll get some.

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Meal 3 - baked chicken quarter plus wing (only half of the thigh), yams, asparagus, ghee and EVOO for fats.

Also managed to cook off the rest of the chicken thigh meat, turkey taco meat and address my kombucha (straining 2f into bottles) feeding jug. Switched out my old SCOBY for one of the newest babies. Hope it's up for the job. Old girl got composted. I have 2 more in the wings in a hotel if I need to switch newbie out.

Starting to plan mentally for what I need to bring up north food-wise. I think I'll eat a good lunch in the car on the way to the release party. For last year was meat in sauces, bread products, pizzas and desserts. Not stuff I really want, especially with a half marathon the next morning. Will need dinner for that night too I guess. I need to buy olives. Make chicken salad, make morning hashes. There's a whole foods nearby too so can grab from there if need be.

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I am looking forward to attempting kombucha when I'm home from my trip. I'm jealous of your buch.

Yes the scale is becoming a problem for me again too. I am a bit disappointed with myself because I was really happy without it. We need to get rid of our scales! I am back to mindlessly stepping on my throughout the day. I'm not upset about the number so much but it still is totally pointless and unhealthy behavior. So, can you give yours to a friend? I'll put min in my hubby's truck tonight when he gets home. That's where it lived before.

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