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Hello All, 


I'm on Day 4 of my third round of Whole 30. Part of the reason I started this round is that I realized that I cope with stress by drinking a glass or two of wine in the evenings. I really want to find a healthier coping mechanism. For those of you that are going to suggest exercise, I get up at 5AM most mornings and exercise. I commute over an hour home each evening and am looking for healthier ways to relax. I appreciate any insight you all can offer!




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Off the top of my head:

- taking a bath

- doing a craft
- reading a book
- calling or getting together with a friend 
- having a soothing cup of tea

- gardening

- listening to music


Think of the activities that bring you joy or calm you for additional ideas.


ETA: You may also find today's Whole9 article to be timely.

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