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Pre and Post w/o meals? What the....?

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I'm on day 25.  I lost at least 2 clothing sizes.  Not measuring, just can't ignore that 25 days ago I was a 14/16 and now those clothes are so baggy that I've had to dig out my skinny clothes at a size 10.


I've been tough about this process including my exercise. I'm tired though, a lot.  Some of it is tied to not drinking enough water some of the time.  Through out the last 25 days I've been drinking a lot of water but on the days when its less rather than more, I get tired.   

As the month has progressed and I got more energy my workout intensity increased..   I haven't planned my meals to be timed around pre and or post w/o cuz I don't really understand them.


Could someone explain how these meals fit into  into the Whole 30?

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