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The Whole 50 log!


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Hi All,

Starting my Whole 50 today. Why 50? That is the fateful day when I will be appearing in public, at the beach, in a bathing suit -- EEEK! I posted some background info in the "Join the Whole30" section, so I won't go into it all here... just want to say that I am already paleo but having trouble losing the pudge. I just started Crossfit, and I am committed to 50 days of the Whole9! I plan to update food and workout stuff here.

Thank you for visiting!


BREAKFAST: 2 pastured eggs, fried in coconut oil

LUNCH 1: 1/3 lb grass-fed burger, lettuce, onion, tomato, cucumber, cilantro, 2 T oil and vinegar

LUNCH 2: 1/3 lb grass-fed burger, lettuce, onion, tomato, cucumber, cilantro, 2 T oil and vinegar

DINNER: organic chicken breast skin-on, asparagus with coconut oil, purple cabbage with oil and vinegar

SNACK: can of oysters, kale chips with olive oil and salt

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Thanks dervalc - that's my After picture!

So, I am still sore from Crossfit on Wednesday, and I'm going again today. I enjoy it, but I'm not sure if it's because it's actually fun, or if it's gratifying because it's an act of self-flagellation. Either way, I'm dragging my sore butt back in today for further punishment.

I try to eat clean in general, so I'll dispense with the "grass-fed, organic, pastured, treated with tender loving care" nonsense...

BREAKFAST: 1/3 lb burger, broccoli, 2 T oil and vinegar

LUNCH: 1/3 lb burger, cauliflower, 2 T oil and vinegar

PRE-WORKOUT: can of kippers, 1 T almond butter

DINNER/POST WORKOUT: 1/3 lb burger, collard greens, 2 T oil and vinegar, sweet potato with butter

SNACK: maybe another can of kippers if I get hungry

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So, apparently weekends are a problem for me as far as recording. I've always known this, but it still seems ridiculous that I can't remember what I had even 2 days ago. Let's just say, I stayed on plan except for a few bites of beans at dinner (we ended up eating out yesterday, and the refried beans were touching my Carne Asada - and I WON'T LEAVE ANY CARNE ON THE PLATE EVEN IF IT'S TAINTED WITH LEGUMES. Also, I ate a can of spinach after dinner. I'm not sure if that's cheating or not.

Ok, now for the important points. I'm not doing a numbered list, because the following points are not in any particular order and also are not related to each other in any way:

- I like some weird foods. I have two kids. The two-year-old is a "mini me." She likes a lot of the same weird foods I like. These include (but are not limited to) canned spinach, canned stinky fishes (sardines, kippers, anchovies), kim chi, fried cabbage and eggs. I think the common theme is sulphur. and brimstone.

- On the subject of recording food... A lot of public policy is developed from studies that use questionnaires where people write down what they ate over the past week or month. Like "yeah, right! I can't remember what I ate yesterday, let alone a week or month ago!" My husband, who is an epidemiologist, told me that it is known that people have certain biases when they record food. I said, "Of course, like they say they ate WAaay less than they actually did," to which he replied, "yes, but not just that. There is a known tendency for heart patients to OVER-report their meat consumption. It is not known why." Hmmm. I have a theory. I think that it is because pain feels worse than good feels good. The pain of guilt over eating the forbidden meat is greater than they joy they got from savoring the tiny portion. The guilt blew the meat into giant proportions, showing that huge quantities of meat are associated with heart disease, when in fact the poor heart patients are wringing their hands over teensy bites of steak, while the swarthy paleo-ers are chowing down bacon trying to keep their cholesterol up. just a thought.

- I have this weird little abdominal upper right quandrant twisting pain thing that no one can figure out but that is there nonetheless. It only bothers me when I do burpees or similar bending-up-in-a-ball-and-twisting-or-straining kind of motion. So, I just don't do that. Anyway, at crossfit on Friday, we were doing burpees, so I asked my trainer to scale it for me. Instead, she had me do jumping jacks. Not equivalent! Then again, I got to have a whole day of being almost not completely sore yesterday. It was a nice break - but I think next time I will request more punishment ;-)

Food today:

BFAST: 2 eggs + homemade mayo (awesome!)

LUNCH 1: burger, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, mayo + vinegar

LUNCH 2: burger, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, mayo + vinegar

DINNER: pork with lemon butter and capers, parsnip chips

LATE NIGHT: stinky fishes

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I have this weird little abdominal upper right quandrant twisting pain thing that no one can figure out but that is there nonetheless. It only bothers me when I do burpees or similar bending-up-in-a-ball-and-twisting-or-straining kind of motion. So, I just don't do that.

This reminds me of when I was a kid "Daaaaaaddddd...it's hurts when I do x". "well don't do x then"

I'm with you on the stinky fish - love tinned anchovies!

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Haha, thanks Dervalc! I thought of this again during the Crossfit workout yesterday. We were put in teams of two. One person put on a harness and tried to run down a field while another person clipped a leash to the harness and tried to hold the first person back. I was laughing the whole time which only made it harder!

I missed out on my stinky fishes yesterday because I had cashew butter instead. Mmmmm... cashew butter *drools on self*

Food today:

BREAKFAST: leftover pork + frozen cherries

LUNCH 1: burger, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, homemade mayo

LUNCH 2: stinky fishes + frozen cherries

DINNER: cod, mystery veggies with oil

SNACK: not sure yet - maybe collard greens in bone broth and some sausage

Thoughts on tasting... Could I be one of those "super tasters" you hear about sometimes? My sister and I have always been able to smell things that other people can't smell, and there's confirmation because we're sometimes around each other when this happens. I also seem to say, "Man, this is the best thing I've ever had in my life!" way more than anyone else. And, if there's some genetic ability to smell or taste things that some people can't, well let's just say I never seem to be lacking. For example, does your pee smell funny about 15 minutes after you've eaten asparagus? The pharmacokinetics of the sulphurous metabolite are fast, but not everyone can smell it. Try it out next time you have asparagus for dinner... just for funsies! Another "fun with genetics" activity... taste testing with cilantro. For some reason, to people who like cilantro it tastes light and citrusy. To people who don't, it tastes like soap. Mmmmm... cilantro *drools on self again*

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We ended up having golden beets, hamburgers with mayo, and collards with bacon last night. I had extras of everything. Then I was evil and had some chocolate truffle coconut bar (about 100 calories worth; I'm sure the carbs were very high). It was insanely good, which is why I should have had zero bites of it. One bite led to me eating the rest of the bar. Thankfully, my husband had already eaten half of it, otherwise I would have had twice as much. This is why I usually have no dessert. It's easier for me to opt out than to eat just a tiny bit, and I suspect that I am not unusual in that respect.

Back on track today. There weren't many leftovers. I have a burger with salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, mayo) for lunch, but breakfast and snack will have to come out of the emergency supply. Emergency supply = jar of almond butter. -- note, I ended up having about 4 T throughout the day.

Crossfit tonight... bring the pain!

Dinner = cod, peppers, kale chips

Snack = sausage, apple, sweet potato with coconut oil

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Crossfit yesterday was abusive and wonderful (as usual)... Ran around the old ball park carrying a 14 lb. medicine ball for a warm-up. Then 3 x 400 m run and 50 kettlebell swings. I feel like my shoulders are going to fall off!

BREAKFAST: 2 boiled eggs with mayo

LUNCH 1: lettuce, cucumber, burger, mayo

LUNCH 2: can of oysters, green beans in beef broth

DINNER: beef stew, zucchini fried in bacon grease

SNACK: zucchini fried in bacon grease, banana, macadamia nuts (maybe 15 halves), sausage patty, boiled egg.

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I was hoping to see some progress by now. It's the end of my second week of Crossfit, and day 9 of my Whole50. Pants fit the same, shirts fit the same, belly looks the same. I'm still not weighing myself, which is best for now.

I think my hunger level is still too high. I find myself wanting to snack in the evening, and I would eat more than I do if I didn't exert the willpower to slow it down. My meat portions at dinner are also bigger than the nutritional guide suggests. I'm not sure what to do about it. For now, I'll just stick with the plan, but it would be good to have a better answer than willpower when it comes to snacking and portion sizes.

I think I'll cut fruit and nuts out entirely for now.

BFAST: leftover stew, one egg

LUNCH 1: burger, lettuce, cucumber, mayo

LUNCH 2: leftover zucchini, 2 eggs, mayo, mustard

DINNER: not sure yet

SNACK: veggies in broth

CROSSFIT: not sure what the workout will be yet

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Ok, so I'm back. I haven't falled completely off the wagon. Well, that's not exactly true. I had 4 tortilla chips and an equal number of forbidden alcohol drinks on Saturday. I've been good since then (with regard to Whole9-approved foods, but not necessarily portion size), but I haven't felt like recording. I can't stand recording, but I'm not sure how else to prevent myself from overeating. I'm considering having fewer meals. Like when it comes to breakfast in the morning... I'm just not hungry early. If I eat breakfast, it's just extra food. It may be easier for me to have fewer meals that are larger, rather than frequent smaller meals. I don't know. They're having a free nutritional seminar at the crossfit on Saturday, so I'm going to check that out.

Food today:

Breakfast: burger, roasted green beans in bacon grease, 1 T almond butter

Lunch: burger, lettuce, cucumber, guacamole, 1 T almond butter

Dinner: not sure -- maybe burger and broccoli if there are any cooked burgers left in the fridge

Crossfit tonight!

I love hamburger so much! I could eat it three times a day and never get sick of it. Maybe I should figure the calories out and build meals around that. Does anyone know the calories per ounce of grass-fed ground beef? I'm sure it varies by fat content. This stuff looks to be 90% lean or higher.

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I really don't think you should and/or need to worry about calories. While the Whole30 really discourages folks from weighing and measuring, if you really need the structure and are going to track something (and then base your meals around that metric), I would recommend tracking macros (protein specifically).

I'd make sure I was getting my body weight in grams of protein a day, and then let the carbs and fat fall wherever they may.

Protein is very satiating, so if you can choke down 150ish grams of protein a day, you probably aren't going to be running around the rest of the day grazing and overeating.

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