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Eating on College Campus-HELP!


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My husband, daughter and I will be attending her two day college orientation class next week on campus.  I am fairly certain we will be on our own during mealtimes to find something on campus.  Does anyone have experience in this type environment and what some good dining choices may be?  Carrying a cooler around with me all day doesn't seem to be a realistic option and I'm getting pretty stressed how to handle the food without sending me back to day one :(


Any suggestions would be most appreciated!  Thank you...

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Compliant jerky, tinned fish, jars of olives, olive oil, pickled goods & hardy veg like carrots & celery are all portable options that don't need refrigeration. On top of that I'm sure you could get access to eggs, burgers sans bun, & salads to which you could add your own dressing.

Hope this is of some help!

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I was just at Cornell for the weekend (graduation) and had to work through this.  It's actually much easier to eat compliant in their cafeterias than in most other places -- they are, after all, accustomed to feeding people all their meals, and with a wide variety of dietary needs.  There was gluten-free, vegetarian, dairy-free, and plenty of other options.  Ingredients were listed on everything that was available.


Among the easy choices were:


- salad bar

- boiled eggs

- burgers

- grilled chicken

- various vegetables

- fresh fruit

- fruit salad


I might have gotten a little bored if I'd been there for weeks.  But a few days?  Easy.


ThyPeace, omelettes seemed like a good option but I never got there.

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