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Aches and Pain

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I started the program on May 1st, was diligent to the "T" and loving the results of overall higher levels of energy, overall feeling better than I have in years with no aches and pains, not to mention the wonderful by product of loosing those last 14lbs that I could not get off.  Following the initial 30 days my husband and I continued following the dietary guidelines because we enjoyed the new tastes and health benefits.  In the last week I have had sugars mainly thru light/ water downed alcohol beverages like mineral water and a splash of gin, champagne and wine spritzers.  Monday I started feeling burning in my hands, aches in upper arms and lower back. Is this from the sugars?  Also had a coconut pancake with flour as an ingredient which was the first grains since May.  All in all these aches and pains aren't worth the taste and I'm going back to the program.  I want my energy, positive outlook, clear thinking and no aches and pain back.

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