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Are pre and post wo meals a must?


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I work out 5 days a week (some sort of cardio 4-5 times/wk and strength training 2-3 times/wk).

Can I just eat the regular breakfast meal b/f workout and no post wo meal.

I usually save my coffee w/ coconut milk for after (10am ish) (1/2 reg 1/2 decaf).

That usually tides me over til lunch.

I just don't know if I'm doing something that's sabotaging the best results I can be getting!

Btw...I'm only on day 5.


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Pre & PostWO meals are very personal as they're very much dependant on how intense your workout is for you, and when you're working out in relation to your meals. With the cardio I'd be inclined to not worry so much, but for the strength training I'd say not to pass up on the postWO at least. It need only be a few mouthfuls as soon as you're done - it's not another full meal.

That said drinking coffee postWO can keep your cortisol levels from returning to normal so I'd keep that for drinking with a meal. And the fact that you're saying the coffee tides you over until lunch tells me that you probably need a post WO - so maybe aim for a lean protein & starchy carb and see how you go from there.

You may find that once you get a little further on in the program that your needs will change.


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