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Day One Lunch and Dinner

Lissa Kristine

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I am getting ready to start Day 1 tomorrow, and I am starting it off with a very long work day where I will need to pack two meals.

So, for lunch, I am planning on having a spinach and sweet potato frittata/ crustless quiche with some baby carrots, grape tomatoes, and jicama sticks (and some figs). Dinner will be turkey and bell pepper meatballs with sautéed sweet potatoes and onion (cooked in coconut oil) and either steamed veggies or a spinach and arugula salad. I may go with the steamed veggies so the entire meal is a hot meal for convienience (I am babysitting), but we'll see. I am also packing a banana or fuji apple with some almond butter.

The egg bake consists of sweet potatoes and frozen, thawed, and drained spinach. I sauteed the sweet potatoes in coconut oil. Then, I poured a mixture that I blended with several eggs (8 or 9), coconut milk, kale, and green and orange bell pepper chunks (leftovers). So, my egg bake-thingy is definitely green.

The meatballs consist of lean, ground turkey (not extra-lean as it was $2 more), green and orange bell peppers, taco seasoning, unsweetend applesauce, and eggs.

This seems like less food than I usually have though. I typically pack yogurt and cake and candy in addition to huge meals.

Any suggestions?

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This is my day one as well as I messed up my original day one yesterday! Anyway, if you are concerned about it being enough, perhaps take both the steamed veggies and a salad. When I first switched to paleo, I ate a ton the first few days (similar to Whole30 as I cut out all "traditional" carbs and only had dairy in my coffee and a bit in my eggs. So I had to eat a large portion of veggies and probably more protein than suggested on the whole30 plan. Once my body (and mind) acclimated to protein and veggies and healthy fat, I was able to eat smaller amounts.

Your ingredients look fine to me but I'm certainly no expert! (especially as I messed it up yesterday!) Bottom line, I would probably take more veggies with you and you can bring them home if you don't need them.

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