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Fed a non compliant dinner at a friends house


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I'm on day 12 and have been sailing through this program.. until now.


I have just come back from my friend's house to find out that my dinner was marinated with pretty much everything I am not allowed to eat while on this program. The ready made marinade mixture contained some E numbers, Wheat, a couple of preservatives.. none of which do not sound natural.  


Of course I informed my friend beforehand that I am completing a 30 day program and that I am very restricted with what I can eat and she was so accommodating. Her mum and family cooked up a BBQ so I'm assuming she wasn't aware that her mother had used this ready made mixture for the meat, it's only when I complimented the cooking, my friends mum responded that she had used such and such ingredients. so when I got home just a few minutes ago, I looked the ingredients up to find out what was in there :(



I'm feeling quite down about it now because I have been doing so well and could feel my Colitis symptoms subsiding.. but I have also been counting down the days one by one!! :(


What do I do? Do I need to start over? 

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Ok, there were probably a whole host of non-compliant ingredients in a bottled sauce, all of which would be gut disruptors, and all of which will un-do some of the good work you've done over the last 12 days giving your gut a clean slate.

You told your friend you were following a 30 day program. I'm assuming you also told her what was and what wasn't off limits. You covered your back so to speak, and her mum cooked something non-compliant without your knowledge.

Given the circumstances I'd suggest you keep on keeping on, but add on days to your Whole30, so that when you come to reintroductions you'll have had 30 days clear of wheat, corn, soy, sulphites etc (because I'm guessing a bottled sauce will have had all of these things), so it'll be a Whole42 (or a Whole45 if, like me, you like nice round numbers!).

That way you'll be giving your gut enough time to heal, and even though you've had this unintentional slip-up you'll have given your body 12 bonus days of healthy eating.

Or, you could start over.

Read this article & see what you think......

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Well that really stinks!


The thing about it is, as Jmcbn says, all the things potentially in the bottled sauce are gut disruptors and you have a good medical reason for wanting to remove these things for a full Whole 30.  You did cover yourself and do as much as you could to ensure thats you were fed clean food, but in the end, it's your body and your colitis symptoms and basically your choice of whether you want to start over.  I'd hazard a guess that since your colitis symptoms were retreating and you were noticing the positive effects of the Whole30, that you will continue on with this way of eating so 42 days instead of 30 is just a drop in a lifetime bucket of treating your body great!  Keep going!

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