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Roadtrip help: I’m traveling this weekend (riding in car, staying in hotel, no ability to cook; food in coolers, may have small fridge and microwave in hotel, may not). I’ll be on days 8,9 and 10 of my first Whole30. Any and all suggestions/tips/advice on food welcome! 

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If this was me I would take:


cooked boneless skinless chicken thighs

scotch eggs

hard boiled eggs

canned sardines/tuna


snow peas

steam-sauteed green beans

roasted sweet or white potato cubes




sliced bell peppers




jar of homemade mayo




Frank's Red Hot


All of this can be eaten cold and you can mix and match all of these for a variety of meals.  I would also take an empty lunch container and a fork along with a small soft sided cooler & a ziploc bag with me so that I could pack my lunch to take with me.  Put ice from the hotel ice machine into the ziploc baggie and you're all set!

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Also........although you are on a road trip, resist the urge to "snack" your way through it.  We road trippers just LOVE munching on food all through the drive but all this really does is put you out of whack.  Stick to proper template meals and then fill the road trip time with games, books, snoozes, chats, filing nails etc.

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There are lots of forum resources and threads on this.


Dallas and Melissa's What's in your cooler? article

Making your own versus convenience foods article

Travel cheatsheet

Another roadtrip thread


Canned proteins don't have to live in the cooler which frees up space for more interesting things like meatballs, mayo, and other sauces. The only real limit is your imagination. Roast up a bunch of veg at home and try to pack things that you're willing to eat cold in the event that you don't have a microwave. (Cold diced sweet potatoes are pretty good.)

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You folks are amazing. Thanks. I am literally printing this and taking it to the store with me tomorrow and will meal prep tomorrow night based on this advice. REALLY appreciate it. I just needed someone to tell me what to do. I’m on day 7 today and feeling great. Feeling empowered. Feeling supported. Can’t thank you enough.

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Michelle, you and I are in the same boat. I logged in to ask the same question bc I travel for work this week, only today is my day 6. Thanks everyone for the guidance. ( I type this as I eat my chicken and roasted potatoes and my co workers are eating homemade chocolate cupcakes)

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