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Losing my Whole30 virginity...A Log


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So I've finished day 5. These past 5 days have been difficult. A lot more challenging mentally than I expected. I crave certain foods and drink at work, at home, when I'm bored, when I'm stressed, when I'm feeling sad, etc. it's crazy. I've felt like throwing in the towel a couple times.. I question myself: Am I eating too much? I feel hungry all the time. Is this even going to work?!

But I know I have to give it 30 days and stop being a whiny bitch. It's only 30 days of my life and it makes me feel so good to make the right choices everyday.

Meal 1: coffee with coconut milk, 2 eggs, spinach, veggies, banana, almonds

Meal 2: grilled mixed veggies, chicken

Meal 3: apple. Grilled mixed veggies and chicken

Snack coconut milk and a peach

Meal 4 (post-workout): tuna, paleo mayo, spinach

I think the most difficult part is the 12 hour shifts. I get so hungry and tired after working for long, I want to drink wine and eat pizza! Lol. Old habits die hard, but they die and I'm killing them!

Until tomorrow....

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Are you eating enough good quality fat? I probably use more than I need, but I am rarely hungry. The more fat I eat the less cravings I have. Plus the sleep thing is important, and I have no room to talk there. I'm thinking that I have been more sated since buying only grass-fed meats, and I buy ground pork to make my own sausage patties, then render the fat for use with other meals. One of my favorite meals is wild Alaskan salmon broiled with paleo mayo mixed with capers and brown mustard, steamed broccoli.

Of all the diets I've tried over the past 40+ years, gaining losing and gaining weight, eating paleo since last January is the ONLY was I have ever been able to maintain my weight loss over time, while not counting calories, measuring my portions. Sure I may over eat some times but if I'm eating really good food I usually eat less the next day. It sounds like you have a very good perspective on the process. Those 12-hour shifts sound grueling though. Hang in there!

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I definitely need more sleep, more fat, and smaller portions. I think I'll hit up Whole Foods tomorrow for some yummy salmon and grass-fed pork. Thanks for the encouragement DVeep!

Day 6 and Another 14 hour work day. Ugh. And I'm sure it's not helping that it's that 'time of the month.'

I'm so tired!

Today went like this:

Meal 1: coconut milk and coffee, two eggs, leftover tuna and spinach salad with paleo mayo.

Snack: mixed berries, unsweetened shredded coconut, almonds

Meal 2: pork roast, veggies, sweet potato, avocado

Snack: fruit and almonds

Meal 3: grassFed beef with butternut squash, tomato sauce, spinach

Today I snacked so much. I'm not going to snack tomorrow. I'm going to eat three meals of grass-fed quality meat and veggies. No nuts and no fruit

I think I'm over-doing it on the carbs still.

I wish everyday was a bit easier. But on to the next one!

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Woke up feeling very Enegetic after a much-needed sleep! Day 7! I can't believe it. After a good cry last night and a refreshing sleep, I feel ready to take on anything today. I'm busy prepping and preparing foods for the weekend away at the cottage. I'm so thankful my family doesn't drink alcohol and they respect my food choices and athletic journey. And maybe I'll teach them some ing along the way. I'm making good food choices everyday and not letting my emotions dictate what I reach for in the cupboard. I am more proud of myself today because I took the time this morning to reflect on the past week. Its nice to finally believe in myself and not self-sabotage by binging.

I re-visited my original goals-it helps to remind ourselves of our reasons for doing the Whole30.

I wrote this down when I first started:

I want to be healthy and heal my gut.

I want to look and feel better.

I want to kill my addiction to sugar, sweets, and additives.

Believe in yourself!

I can be in control of what I eat. I don't have to binge. I can (and will) change my relationship with food.

I've had my ups and downs obviously and will continue to do so, but today, I'm feeling fabulous. So there sugar dragon!

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Alright day 7 in the bank.

Good day, but I'm working nights. This is where all the temptations lie. There are chips, salsa, crackers, baba ghanoush, homemade cookies and banana bread here tonight for all the nurses! Wtf? No fair! But I just don't walk over to it and I brought some curry soup and coconut to snack on if I need it. I also ate dinner before Orkney, but nights are tough. Normally, you'd be sleeping and not eating, but being awake and tired is a different story. I'm going to fast for the night and walk home in the morning. I'll eat after my nap. Im mentally prepared for this.

Meal 1: coffee with coconut milk and oil and cinnamon, organic beef, spaghetti squash, veggies, tomato sauce, avocado with ghee (first ghee experience-loved it!)

Post-workout: all-natural coconut water, banana, cocoa, coconut, raw almond butter, organic apple ----need to get away from the post-workout carbs and go for fat nd protein next time

and then I had another coffee with coconut milk and oil and cinnamon

I may have overdosed on coconut today! So yum.

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I'm at the cottage. Day 9. Doing fine. Still battling temptations and ridiculous cravings for cookies and chocolate. I went for a run this AM. It's do gorgeous here and easy to exercise. Besides, it's keeping me warm! It's really cold here and our cottage is only 1/2 done so there's no heat or insulation yet. But a roof over our heads, electricity, and water! Can't complain really.

Meal 1: 2 eggs, egg whites, grilled zucchini, onions, peppers, tomatoes in coconut oil, 1/2 avocado and a banana. Coffee with coconut milk

Meal 2: my first ever bison burger! So good. With mixed greens and the other 1/2 avocado

Snack: strawberries, spoonful of almond butter, more coffee with coconut milk and cinnamon

Did a short Kettlebell and bodyweight booty workout then .....

Meal 3: HUGE steak, tomatoes and broccoli, apple for dessert

Probably ate too much fruit today!

On a positive note, I downloaded 'It Starts with Food' and started it. So happy I'm reading it!


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Missed posting some days...I'm successfully on day 13. I went for lunch today and I think the salsa on my omelette my have been contaminated with sugar or something weird. My tummy's been dying ever since. I thought I made a good choice, but I just think dining out is never that easy. I'm not going to re-start because I'm not sure what was in my meal. But I will tack on an extra day at the end.

I'm going to try to be more accountable to posting here. It helps me. Even if no one reads it.

Meal 1: egg, egg whites, yellow peppers and cucumbers, apples with pumpkin and coconut milk purée, coffee with coconut oil and coconut milk

Meal 2: avocado omelette with salsa, mixed green salad (no dressing), paleo pumpkin muffin

Meal 3: coconut carrot cauliflower curry soup, bison burger with kale and tomato sauce

Yums. Did not really exercise much, just did a thirty minute Pilates video.

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Very long and busy 14 hour work day...skipped my workout so I can sleep instead. Day 14. Wow. Two weeks done and I'm feeling pretty good most days. Still having intermittent days of diarrhea not sure why. Also, that's a bit TMI. My apologies. But I'm a nurse so talking about poo is very normal for me. Lol.

Meal 1: 2 farm fresh eggs, salad, avocado, tomato. Coffee with coconut oil and milk and cinnamon, two pumpkin muffins

Meal 2: apple, pumpkin purée, pecans, tea

Meal 3: chicken, sweet potato, carrots, broccoli, yummy! And I was so hungry

Meal 4 (snack): 1/2 of steves paleo kit, red pepper, tea


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Long-ass day again at work.

Meal 1: coffee with coconut oil and coconut milk, 2 eggs, mixed veggies, 1/2 avocado, 1 pumpkin muffin

Meal 2: Wild-caught tuna salAd, apple, coffee with coconut milk and cinnamon

Snack: mixed fruit, green-ginger tea

Meal 3 (post-workout): ground bison meat with roasted kale and broccoli in tomato sauce and more tea!

Bedtime. Feeling slightly Ill-prepared for tomorrow, but I have plans to run to the grocery store on my lunch break.

I'm feeling good, maybe the jeans are feeling looser lately? I hope so! There's a cold going around at work... And my headache is telling

The rest of my body to get my immune system pumping! I need more sleep, that's my only problem when I'm working 14 hour days and trying to workout. Think I'll skip exercise tomorrow in Favour of bed... We'll see how I feel tomorrow after work.

Night night

Meal 3:

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Very proud of myself today. There were bagels and cookies at work for the nurses and I didn't even have the crazy need or desire to eat them. Before this whole30 I would not have given it a second thought- I would just help myself. So today, I'm awesome.

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Hi Kate! My workplace is just awful for having plates of goodies lying around and I hate it. There is a table on my way to the coffee room which is always laden with leftovers from the high mucky-mucks meetings, however I noticed that that as my week went by it became easier to pass them by without feeling deprived. I have a visualizing thing I do - I take that blueberry scone and envision it scotch-taped to my thighs, as we all know that is where it will end up :)

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Blah tired. Gonna sleep well tonight

Meal 1: 2 eggs, spinach, avocado, 2 pumpkin muffins, pecans

Meal 2: went to chipolte for lunch, salad with grass-fed beef, extra meat, extra salsa, extra guacamole!

Meal 3/snack: coconut oil and milk in coffee, mixed berries with cinnamon, cocoa, unsweetened coconut

Meal 4 (post workout): roasted chicken, broccoli and carrots

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Walked to a local famers' market today to buy some whole30 goodies. Feeling pretty good here on day 17-the way of eating is more natural. I eat a lot of fruit though and I sometimes wonder if that will hinder my progress? My body is still relying on sugar from fruit for energy right? I don't think I really want to cut it out.... Hopefully, I'll get some feedback on that one. I guess I could try to cut it out for the rest of the time if necessary.

Meal 1: mashed sweet potato with pumpkin, coconut cream, cinnamon, nutmeg, pecans, and 2 eggs, 1 small apple, coffee with coconut milk

Meal 2 (on-the-go) mashed bananas, almond butter packet, coconut butter, coffee with coconut milk

Meal 3: spaghetti squash, grass-fed beef, EVOO, roasted veggies in organic tomato sauce

Hmmm writing it down makes me realize I did not excel today, but I'm well-prepped for tomorrow

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Day 18 and 19 in the bank! I can't remember what I ate yesterday (really self? That is kinda sad). If I thought hard about it, I would be able to tell you, but I'm feeling slightly lazy (sorry! I know I should be bounding with whole30 energy, but its getting late and I'm sleepy).

Meal 1: banana, egg, egg whites, veggies cooked in ghee (yum), avocado, tomatoes and coffee with cinnamon, coconut oil and coconut milk

Meal 2: post workout: grass fed beef with ghee veggies again and curry/Indian spice, delicious! Apple, pumpkin purée and toasted pumpkin seeds

2 huge meals today and a great workout! Chest, tris, shoulders. So sore to lift my arms after to wash my hair...good excuse not too! Ha.

I'm off for three more days nod opulent be happier about that. I'm looking forward to experimenting in the kitchen-I'm thinking soups and pumpkin something-something.

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Day 20: I'm sleeping well and happy about that. But my tummy troubles seem to have gotten worse in the last two weeks. Gas, bloating. Gas. Not sure what's going on. I bought the Now Digestive Enzymes today so hopefully they'll help a bit. I was also feeling like I just couldn't give me workout today 100%... Felt distracted. Hmm. But happy and all that jazz just a bit slow today I guess.

I also made a mistake today.. But I'm willing to admit it. I had sex with my pants on. I made a paleofied mini pumpkin cake for breakfast covered in coconut and almond butter. Bad Katie. Bad! But it was so yummy with my morning coffee. And to be honest, I'd do it again. Just maybe after the whole30 is over.

Meal 2: grass-fed beef, grilled veggies, cooked in good fats of course with 1/2 avocado and tomatoes

Meal 3: post-workout: leftovers from lunch

Meal 4: root vegetable soup purée with a grass-fed beef burger


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Slept 9 hours. Felt awesome. All I did today was exercise and eat and enjoy life. Spent time alone and with friends. And I look forward to doing the same thing tomorrow. I ate a very large breakfast slash post workout meal today then successfully went out for dinner at a raw, vegetarian place. Boo to the no-meat thing, but that's ok sometimes. I guess.

Meal 1: 3 eggs, sautéed veggies in ghee, 1/2 avocado, tomatoes, coffee with coconut milk and oil (x2), pumpkin-apple muffin

Meal 2 at Fresh Restaurant: sweet potato fries, 'big protein salad' without dressing. Unfortunately, all their dressings had added agave or other sugars, the protein on the salad was mixed nuts and hemp seeds. I had two teas at dinner-peppermint and then chai with coconut milk for dessert. Overall, great experience and easy to stay compliant

I'm also starting a new fae care routine today. Wash with pure cod liver oil then moisturize with coconut oil. I feel greasy and the coconut oil keeps getting in my eyes! But will give it two weeks I think and see if it helps my stupid chin and cheek acne.

Exercise: Lots of stretching and mobility work and a 16minute tabata.

Sweet dreams.

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