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Starting Tomorrow.

Cameron Currin

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Hello all,

My name is Cameron and I have been interested in a Paleo lifestyle for quite some time... But I never stumbled across this site until now.

I've downloaded the success guide and plan on starting my Whole30 tomorrow. (30-Apr-12).

I ALSO plan on starting Crossfit along with it, and doing that about 3-4 times a week while doing some cardio/boxing between that.

All-in-all, I will probably be eating about 5 meals a day with 2x the protein recommended in order to keep the muscle I have gained during a previous workout regime. (Carnivores always have the sexy muscles!)

Keeping a journal/log here on this thread should help with accountability, so if anyone would like to join me and my wife, she is attempting this also, don't hesitate to reply!

Any tips from some other Crossfitters or anyone with knowledge of doing this with an intense exercise program, could you perchance spare some pointers?

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Hi Cameron + wife,

I'm starting Whole30 today (4/30) as well. Look forward to following your posts. I joined the forum because I definitely need some dietary accountability - no problem with the exercise aspect. Good luck to you both!


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