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Eczema worse than ever?


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I'm on Day 29 and am getting ready to proceed forward a few more weeks to a Whole45. I started this specifically as an elimination diet to find out what I was eating that was causing my Eczema on my hands and occasionally my elbows. This was blessed by my allergist who just finished a battery of tests on me in July for the 10 most common chemicals that are in everything but that pretty much came back negative/inconclusive. He was sure it was something I was eating. That said my Eczema until last year was almost non-exsistent and no one can pinpoint whats cause it to go nutzo. (That is I'm sure a medical term)And, as of Day 29 its now at the worse point I think I've had it as it's now affecting both of my hands.

So I'm going to post a couple of days worth of food logs to see if you guys can "see" anything that needs tweeked. Also I just learned that I'm really Vitamin D deficient and I just started taking suplements.



M1 Thursday and Friday

8-10 oz ground beef hash with diced potato, mushroom and onion over a serving (read whole salad bag) of spinach, steamed

A fist sized (sometimes more) amount of sweet potato drizzled with about a teaspoon of ghee. Not a measuring teaspoon but a spoon from the silverware drawer

1/2 an avocado drizzled with olice oil and vinegar

if i have fruit its usually, a small/medium sized plum or peach with all the summer fruits around

I  drink water with my meals. If I'm going to have coffee I am not having it till after my breakfast with about 2-3 tbsp of coconut milk



I usually eat leftovers but my favorite meals are,  (Thursday)roasted chicken thighs 2-3 depending on size with leftover veg from dinner the night before. Its usually a mix but a couple of cups of pressure cooked collards (or chard) drizzled with olive oil and black pepper, left over sauteed sugar snap peas, snow peas  or green beans 


(Friday and Saturday) Tuna salad with tomatoes, onion, 1 large can of tuna all doused with olive oil and red wine vinegar and then mixed with as much romaine and baby spinach I can stuff in my large 4 qt batter bowl




For dinners I usually get fancier a couple times a week because I really like to cook and there's lots of stuff that I cook that already compliant or close enough that making the tweeks are not an issue for me.



for instance last nights dinner was fresh pork carnitas (the two of us ate most of a 3lb pork roast), tostones (fried plantains, 1 large per person), chard with chillie and garlic, mango, avocado salsa(homemade), and Mexican slaw made with cabbage, jicama, cucumber, radish, red oinion, cilantro and jalapeno and a viniagrette that consisted of olive oil, fresh lime and orange juice, compliant rice vinegar, garlic and spices. 


Tonight is whole roast chicken where we'll both have a chicken breast with cauliflower mash, sauteed asparagas and probably sliced tomatoes if he remembered to pick them. If I need something more between lunch and dinner, I usually add a small, 1/2 cup ramekin with nuts or coconut chips and olives to my lunches but I'm trying not to snack and I'm usually full enough that it doesnt come to that. I almost forgot I'm easily driniking 96 oz of water or more a day. 


Does it look like I'm getting in enough foods or am I missing something? Also, with my Vitamin D supplement I usually chase it with a straight teasppon of olive oil OR coconut oil as Vitamin D is fat soluble.  Again thats a kitchen spoon not a measuring spoon.

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I don't see anything that stands out for eczema triggers but do know that skin conditions often get worse before they get better.  Also note that it's a bit like any other autoimmune condition in that you can have flares and remissions for no particular reason.  I would just keep on if I were you.  Eggs and dairy are very common contenders for irritation of skin/eczema but you are obviously not eating dairy and I don't see any eggs in your list above.


If you are eating a lot of something that you didn't previously (like coconut products, avocado, nightshades etc) it could be contributing to it.  You could consider scaling back anything that is very new to you overall or new in larger quantities and see how that goes?

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Wow, your meals sound delicious! Keep up the good work!


I can't see anything obvious in your list. What about environmental factors? Dust, perfume or laundry detergent? Too much sun? Any of those possible?


Some people are super-sensitive and find they see a difference between eating grass-fed meats and conventional. Might be worth a shot if you can swing it.

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