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Day 34


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I am still in the process of reintroduction. 


I have only reintroduced Oats and a little sugar in a rhubarb crisp my mother in law made so far (I found that a few bites was MORE than enough for me to feel satisfied, otherwise no side effects) - I had planned too many whole 30 complaint meals that we needed to eat them first.. not a bad thing!


Tomorrow will be gluten, my husband has requested a steak sandwich.. and I can't say no.. he didn't really want to do the Whole 30 but did anyways to support me. :) 


Today I am meeting my husband for lunch at the college and plan to eat a salad with lemon squeezed over it (very good dressing replacement I have found) and I think I would like to try some sugar in the form of a small soda.


I know soda is a bad sugar dragon for people, but I have not been craving it at all so I don't think it will get to me. My new rule is if it sounds good - OK, if I am full on craving it - No Go



I am a little nervous adding things in, but I think it will be necessary to see how my body reacts, but also how my mind reacts. 


Is it too soon to add the sugar? I haven't seen any posts recommending the order of reintroduction. 

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You can find a sample reintroduction schedule here, or I've linked to the slow roll reintroduction in my signature -- some people prefer it if they're planning to continue eating Whole30 style anyway.


Sugar often gets added as part of other reintros anyway, for instance, if someone has ice cream for their dairy reintroduction, so it doesn't always get its own day, and the order of reintroductions is not really that important anyway, it's more important that you leave time between each reintroduction to assess how you feel for a couple of days afterwards.

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