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I started on September 10. It's great to see some others out there in my week.

I want to be fitter, stronger, and leaner, but I also want to change some bad habits of mine which seem to revolve around food.

As a mom, I eat a lot of things just because my kids haven't cleaned their plates. A lot of little goldfish crackers, for starters! And I eat huge amounts and feel really full afterwards. So my most important goal is to eat purposefully, gratefully, and thoughtfully, rather than mindlessly.

I'm at a pretty healthy weight--I have pretty much eaten the Mediterranian Diet for years with lots of fruit, veggies, and whole grains. But I don't sleep well and my joints hurt a lot, so I'm hoping that by eating differently, I'll have a positive effect on those aspects of my health.

Two dear friends of mine just finished their 30, and they look and feel fantastic. So they inspired me to give it a try! Here I go! I'm gonna rock this thing!

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Hi, I started Sep 10th too. Nice to know there are others at the same stage. So far I'm loving it. Usually, any other program or diet I've ever tried, Day 5 is my nemesis. But this is day 5 and so far no problems. I'm still really enjoying it. Good luck with your journey

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