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Day 1: I am excited! I spent most the evening prepping for this week. My only main concern is what this will do to my supply. I started a nursing vitamin supplement so hopefully that will keep the little one happy!

So far I'm doing good! The sugar craving though is cray cray.

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Hi, BBarton!


The best way to fight those sugar cravings is to eat plenty of food. As a nursing mom, plan to eat four full template meals each day, and feel free to add extra fat above and beyond that -- snack on olives or drink full-fat coconut milk throughout the day if you want.. Also be sure you're eating at least one fist-sized serving of starchy vegetables each day, although you may actually want to have more. You could have them with every meal if you want. Also drink plenty of water, at least 1/2 oz per pound of body weight (so if you weigh 120 lbs, drink at least 60 oz).

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Okay because you are nursing you will need to eat upper end of the template - so 2 palm sized portions of protein, 3 cups of veg, 2 thumbs + of fat with every meal. If that seems like a bit much - consider adding a 4th meal.  


Feel free to drink coconut milk throughout the day.  


Also consider eating a starchy veg with every meal.  So think potatoes, squash, pumpkin, parsnips, carrots, turnip, sweet potatoes, beets, plantains, yucca, etc.  Basically think of a root veggie.


You are feeding 2 people - so eat!  

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