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Starting Whole 100 Sept 28 to get through the holidays healthy! Who's with me?


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I've had a successful W30 in May (yay), a disastrous one in July (boo), and now I want to kick it into high gear to rocket into 2016 in good health! I figure starting Sept 28th, the first 30 days will get us to our first grazing feast (Halloween) with incredible will power and filled with tiger blood grrrrr! Then the next 30 days brings us to the ultimate grazing feast Thanksgiving! I hope there's enough room at the table for all those tigers! And finally for the end of year, the never ending grazing holidays that occur not only at home but in the workplace!

100 days brings us into the 1st week of the new year, don't you want to make it through the holidays healthy and happy? Then join me on Sept 28! Who's with me?

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A Whole 30 is only intended for 30 days and then you create your own sustainable plan.  When I read about peaks and valleys after a Whole 30 and then jumping back on the Whole 30 to deal with a disaster...it can become another form of branded dieting.


We have to learn to enjoy our life.  Period.  Everything we eat.   And all the exercise we do.


We need to enjoy the changes or at least learn to enjoy them.  That's why I don't like branded diets.


After one compliant Whole 30 and only one is needed with a proper reintroduction phase - we have to find customized sustainable solutions that work for us and our body which means lots of trial and error.   I can eat 6-7 cans of fish aday when I'm traveling.  Would you do that?  Probably not but it works for me and I love the stuff.  


I exercise and it helps me deal with stress.   I'm starting to lift weights because it makes me feel good.  So I do all of these things because I want to.  Not because I feel compelled to by the scale or some weight loss goal.


Would I spend my time in a Spinning Class?  No.  Because I can't stand it.  Same with Zumba and Pilates. Would I eat boxed meals, smoothies or count calories.  No because it is more branded dieting.   Making plans for a Whole 100 is not what the Whole 30 is about and there's the temptation to turn it into another branded diet.  


You want to feel nice.   Find healthy food and exercise that makes you feel nice.  I mean really nice as you eat it.   This will become self-sustaining for you as you go into your future.  


The stuff I eat now makes me feel so much better in the moment than the junk I used to eat.  I had to find the foods that work for me which turned out to be Whole 30 style foods.    I skip all bread, pasta, grains...refined carbs and sugars.   


I don't worry about jack anymore.  My life has only gotten better and I don't sweat about little things. There's no such thing as a Whole 365.   The Whole 30 is only 30 days.   Create a plan you can live with.  Call it Jeanie's Plan.    Play with it but not with play foods.  


If we try to fit a Whole 30 into another branded dieting slot....your mind will rebel and reject it at some point. The two don't mix.  Find those healthy foods and exercise that make you feel nice.  It will then truly become all so self-sustaining.

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