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Hanging by a Thread- Day 1


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I need support  people, if anyone reads this. I'll do fine for a few days but I want to succeed.


I've got a couple of autoimmune things going on, addisons, hashimoto, and they drag me down sometimes.


I have lots of energy some days and one on others.


I plan to do Whole30 for a couple weeks and slide into AIP-- I may do the entire 30 whole30 first -- but start tapering off the AIP foods. The part I have problems with? starting. and reintroduction.


I've done a ton of whole30 and they have helped, probably why the autoimmune stuff only showed up in the last few years. --


I want to run again, and not feel like my job takes all my energy.


I want to live to be 100.


I want to be happy again.

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I agree w/Cbiggs85 - besides having lots of support here, it might be useful to take a few days to transition into the Whole30 as you review, set up your pantry/shopping/refrigerator, and strategically plan your meals. Plus, support - you can absolutely do this!

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