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When did your digestion start evening out?


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Yes, this is a poop question. :)

I used to be very regular- every morning. I'm on Day 14 and I'm all over the place. Constipation followed by loose urgent stools, and a few regular ones. When does this typically even out again?

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Make sure you're drinking enough water: we recommend 1/2 an ounce of water per pound of body weight, daily.

If you'd like us to see whether making some tweaks in your meals could help, post 2-3 days worth of your food log, including portion sizes and water consumption.

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Thanks Chris, I'll take you up on that. Here's my food from my journal. I"ll also add in water. I weighed about 177 before starting this program.


Day 12

6am/PreW: lara bar (I know - this is not what I should be having, but I left my darn snack on the counter and I was feeling so hungry, I was nearly dizzy, so I went for my emergency stash in my glove compartment. These also are not a trigger for me).


7:30am/Breakfast: 1 fried egg, 2 slices bacon, 3 baby potatoes, pomegranate seeds

11:40pm: I was starving so I had some jerky and an apple. Maybe not enough fat at breakfast?

12pm/Lunch:  (out at restaurant) Greek salad (lettuce, olives, cucumbers, onions), grilled chicken, avocado, oil and vinegar dressing

7pm/Dinner:  Snacked on some coconut flakes as I cooked dinner. Main course was Cabbage Slaw (carrots, cabbage, whole30 mayo, cashews) and grilled chicken 


82 oz water (1 of my big water bottles and 2 of my smaller 20oz ones)




Day 13 - hit a bit of a slump. Was tired and kind of hungry.



Pre-Wo: 2 slices deli meat, 1 baby potato

B: Leftover Chicken Cashew Cabbage Slaw and a banana, plus a small coffee with coconut milk

Lunch: leftover Zoodles and roasted yellow squash with "sloppy joe" meat and green olives

Dinner: big piece of cod with avocado lime mayo, red peppers, and sweet potato. 


I'm finding that on days that I do my really tough workout (mon, wed, and fri) I feel hunger in between meals, especially after lunch. I eat breakfast after I work out, so I never do a post workout snack, but I think I need to find a way to throw in more of something on those workout days.


100 oz water (20 during workout)


Day 14 - Terrible BM this morning. Loose urgent stools.  However, energy wise, feeling good! Have a very long day today and feeling like I have the energy to sustain it.



B: 2 fried eggs, 2 slices bacon, baby potatoes, half banana

L: leftover cod with pico de gallo, 1/2 cup roasted butternut squash, 2 pickle spears, 7 olives, cup of grapes

D: chicken cashew cabbage slaw


72 oz water (was running an event in the evening and really forgot about water)

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Ok, first off, have you seen the meal template?  The pre workout recommendation is protein and fat. Post workout is protein and optional carb. So drop the potato pre workout.

Confirm your deli meat, bacon and pickles are compliant - all are suspect for non-compliant ingredients.


I would suggest dropping the nuts, cabbage, and raw veggies for starters (all can cause digestive distress for some), and switch to all cooked veggies.

I also wonder if you're eating enough at some meals? Bacon is more of a fat than a protein. When eggs are your sole protein, the serving size is the number of whole eggs you can hold in 1 hand without dropping them. For most folks, that's 3-4 eggs.

If those changes don't help in a few days, you might also try removing nightshades (potatoes, peppers) and see if that brings you relief.


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