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Will I need to start again


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Hi, I'm on Day 8, everything went fine until Day 6 when, after breakfast, I had the worst upset stomach I've had in years. However I thought it had finally settled so I had a salad for lunch and it all flared up again. Since then I haven't really eaten very much. All I managed for dinner that day was a couple of scrambled eggs.

Yesterday I thought it was better so had 3 small lettuce wraps with beef, mayo & cucumber for breakfast. It all flared up again and the pain was so bad I'd to resort to going back on medication for the cramps (Buscopan)

Today has been just as bad. All I've managed is a 2 eggs scrambled and a small bowl of soup made in the Vitamix consisting of chicken stock, a carrot, stick of celery, spring onions with chopped cooked ham added.

Just had to interrupt this post as in the loo again. It seems if I don't eat, I feel sick and if I do eat I'm on the loo. I'm feeling so wiped out I've slept most of the afternoon.

I don't know if this is some godzilla of a herx type reaction, or I've caught a bug, or it's my M.E. playing up or somethings sparked off a return to my worst days of IBS.

Anyway, throughout it all I have been very careful to eat absolutely no non-compliant foods, I post my food log in the blog section, but I am aware I'm not eating enough, I'm not even managing 3 small meals a day. I'm willing to try and ride this out, I don't particularly want to come off W30, in fact i posted earlier about wanting to extend it but I want to know if these days will still count or if I'll have to start again because I haven't eaten enough.

Normally feeling like this, I would drink coconut water to rehydrate and when feeling a bit better make some green juices for the nutrients,. I know those aren't allowed so I've avoided them. I guess I just want to know where I stand, or at the moment lie down, am I on the program or not. Can I carry on or will I have to start again when I can eat more?

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both coconut water and green juice are allowed, they just shouldn't be the bulk of your food intake or replacing meals (coconut water for endurance exercise recovery, etc. not a standard beverage). I think in this case you get a pass--drink and get rehydrated.

I hope you feel better soon!

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