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Headache on Day 15 and 16


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Would love anyone's advice. I had a really easy first 2 weeks on this program. I didn't really get the headaches that the timeline mentioned, I felt satiated, and my sugar dragon was dead. I've had a few days with super high energy.  However, that all kind of changed on Day 15, when I started feeling a really terrible headache and tired eyes. I still don't feel tired - I tried to nap and couldn't. I just feel this pressure in my head, like a hangover.   Also, my digestion hasn't completely regulated out yet, but I'm giving it a little more time before I start taking further steps (probiotics or cutting out FODMAPS).   


I thought my headache yesterday had to do with not sleeping well the night before, followed by too much coffee.  But when it continued today, now I'm not sure. I'm wondering if it's from not enough water in the morning, or something I'm eating, or my sleep. 


I'm posting the past few days meals in case you can help see if this is diet related. 


Day 13 - A small slump - slightly tired and hungry in the afternoon

Pre-Wo: 2 slices deli meat, 1 baby potato (I now know I shouldn't have a carb in this meal)

super tough 60 min workout 

B: Leftover Chicken Cashew Cabbage Slaw and a banana, plus a small coffee with coconut milk

Lunch: leftover zucchini noodles and roasted yellow squash with "sloppy joe" meat and green olives

Dinner: big piece of cod with avocado lime mayo, red peppers, and sweet potato.  *I think this fish was too big - I felt very full, crampy, and bloated after. 

Water - 80 oz


Day 14 - Felt good! Lots of energy again.  Except had a really scary poop this morning. No workout today. 

B: 2 fried eggs, 2 slices bacon, baby potatoes, half banana

L: leftover cod with pico de gallo, 1/2 cup roasted butternut squash, 2 pickle spears, 7 olives, cup of grapes

D: leftover chicken cashew cabbage slaw before an event. 4 hours later, still working and hungry - ate larabar

60 oz water - lost track at event. 

Didn't get to sleep until 11:30pm and had a terrible night sleep


Day 15 - skipped workout today. Felt pressure and pain in my head about 1pm on.  Maybe dehydrated?

7:30 B: Last of the chili meat with an egg cracked on top, potatoes

Big coffee with coconut milk. Didn't start drinking water until noon. 

12:30 L: romaine lettuce topped with bacon, tomato, and egg salad (2 eggs) in compliant mayo, plus a side of butternut squash

Mini Meal @5: coconut flakes and raisins

8pm - shredded chicken with Franks hot sauce, olives, broccoli

Water - 70 to 80 oz


Day 16 - got full night sleep last night, but could have slept for hours more. Had to get up. 

PreWorkout - 1 hardboiled egg, 2 bacon slices

Tough Workout - 32 oz of water

M1 - Egg Salad (eggs with mayo), sweet potato, almond butter (I was out of veggies)

no water until lunch

M2 - Greek Salad with Roasted Turkey (at restaurant) - lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, avocado, turkey, balsamic vinegar, oil *Headache started after lunch

M3 - Burger patty with olive tapenade, a quick salad of avocado/onions/tomatoes/lime juice, pickles, and a few spoonfuls of applesauce

Ending with  70 oz of water


As I'm writing this, I'm wondering if there's something wrong with the latest batch of mayo I made recently. Every time I had it, I felt sick later.  It was also part of the Avocado Lime Sauce on my cod a few nights ago. 

FYI - Yes, my bacon and deli meat are compliant. I'm religious about checking ingredients. 


Thank you in advance!!!

Danielle - a cranky whole30er


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honestly though.. the headaches...  

I felt great on Day 18, headache and tiredness again on 19, felt great on day 20, and now on day 21, tired with a headache. I never had headaches before Whole30, and my first 2 weeks, I felt so good.  The only thing I can imagine is that the sickness that everyone in the office has come down with is trying to work its way into me. And my body is fighting it, but not completely.  


I'm drinking enough water, never hungry (have the food balance down, I think), and exercising daily.  Any other thoughts on what this could be? 

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Yes, maybe too much? I am pretty liberal with it.  Today's meals:


PreWO: compliant buffalo jerky and walnuts

M1: 2 strips of coconut crusted chicken (probably 4-5 oz) with some almond butter and raisins. Side of cauliflower mash (with salt, and garlic), 1/2 potato (baked with olive oil and salt), 1/2 kiwi

M2: More cauli-mash, other half of potato, 1 very large sausage link (compliant)


Tonight's dinner is almost ready and it will be Ribs covered in a dry rub (including salt) and mixed cooked vegetables, plus avocado. 


I just realized I probably went too lite on the fat in meal 2, but otherwise, feel pretty good about this. Thanks for taking a look!

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I was more wondering whether you had too little salt. What you're doing, salt-wise, seems fine.

I agree on the fat, and also don't be afraid to up your veggies to 3 cups per meal and/or protein (4-5 oz isn't a lot).

Re: the advanced member status, that kicks in after a certain number of posts. It's rare to be labeled a "newbie" for long around here. :-)

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