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Probiotics Problems


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Right now I am Post Whole 30, sticking to mostly compliant foods, eating occasional non gluten grains & traces of other non compliant stuff here and there. I had trouble with reintroductions finding exactly what foods I am sensitive to other than legumes which I've stayed away from.


I started probiotics a little less than a week ago and I have heard that you can have gas/bloating in the first week of taking probiotics. I've had pretty bad gas the past 3 or 4 days. Has anyone experienced this? I'm wondering if its food related or probiotic related. In the past three days I did drink a beer which I haven't in 2+ months, and I did consume a tiny bit of soy & dairy. 



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So is probiotic use necessary? How can you tell? I know I'm not consuming foods with it (at least not on purpose). And what supplements are the best form...right now I own Pearl brand...are those ok?

Probiotics are not necessary but we sometimes advise people that if they are having serious digestive distress or if the Whole30 is miles away from what they are used to, they might benefit from a probiotic to get the gut bacteria back in line.


I'm not familiar with Pearl brand, you would have to tell us what all the active and inactive ingredients are and we could help you determine.

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