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Brown Sediment in Broth?


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I made the broth and it is perfect!  Except for the brown gunk in the bottom now that it has gelled in the fridge.  


Haven't been able to find info about it here on the forums or the FAQ (unless I'm just missing it or searching the wrong terms?  Been looking for over an hour)


I found some info online, but the views and recipes and opinions and information is just too much and too varied and I don't know who to trust and who not to.  Not to mention getting distracted by all the different things I should and shouldn't be doing in their varied opinions!  lol


So, I'd like to stay within this community for advice and info on bone broth - I know I can trust the Whole9/Whole30 reference point.  


Anyway... Is that dark brown sediment/gunky stuff ok to have in there? Should i just mix it in or leave it in the bottom and avoid it?


Does it mean the broth isn't ok in some way?


Should I do something differently next time?


Thanks for your help - and if I missed something obvious in the FAQ, books or forums please forgive me!!

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It's just marrow and broken down meat & veggie sediment from long cooking.  I usually just stir the jar of broth if I'm making a soup/stew so that it all gets into the pot because that is nutritious stuff in there and you won't notice it if you are using the broth as a base for something else.  If I'm drinking it as a beverage I'll either pour carefully and give the sediment to the dog or just leave the last swallow or two in the mug...and give it to the dog.

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Perfect!  Thank you both! I was hoping it was marrow or something that was supposed to be in there! :D  


I don't have a fur baby at the moment, but the stirring in for soups and stews will work for me for now.  And carefully avoiding it when I dip it out for a mug!

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