WholeStanley Round 2


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Hey littleg! So happy that you popped by again! Gherkins are what you call pickles I think? Unfortunately mine spilled in my bag on the way home for wholefoods and now my handbag smells likes pickle juice!


I totally hear you on the 'just don't buy it' front - and I have been really strong about that the past couple of days. I did my first whole30 without any fruit at all and it worked out great. I think my problem is this time I'm so only focusing on losing weight that i am subconsciously limiting my starchy veg, this works for a couple of days and then back fires. Low carb did really work for me when I broke my ankle this summar and was very inactive but now I am exercising nearly every day so I need to make sure I have carbs I think. My first whole 30 I'm pretty sure I had a starchy veg with nearly every meal and I lost a ton of weight! I need to remember that and trust the process and keep some sweet potato in my diet, that and fats as you said is gonna keep those cravings away.


Hows your whole30 going?


Edited to say - sorry I realise I had said I had been really strong about not buying dried fruit but I realise I have had it for breakfast the last few days, this is because it was available at the breakfast buffet at my hotel. Not a proper excuse I know but it could have been a lot worse if I had given in everytime I was at the supermarket!

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(Day 15 cont.)


M2 - a whole bag of spinach, tuna, half an avocado and handful of cherry tomatoes (14:00)


S1 - Packet of plain crips (17:20) - not really in the spirit of whole30 but I felt kina woozy on the train and it was a 3 hour journey and th only think on the trolley that was compliant, excuses..excuses...


(45 min spin class at pscyle - 18:30)



M3 - roast beef, beetroot, roasted sweet potato, hb egg, brocoli and some cashews (19:45)





Plan of action - up the carbs and fat, down the fruit and dried fruit

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ALERT, ALERT, ALERT!  Non Whole30 Activity! :(


So I messed up, big time. I ate off plan and I am therefore no longer completing a whole30 in the eyes of the rules. I will explain the situation below but just for anyone who happens to scroll through my log, I know this is not whole30, I know I am no longer doing a whole30, I know I messed up. HOWEVER - I also know that I want to learn from this mistake and not let it cause me to go into a spiral of bingeing for the whole weekend or even week. So I have been thinking all of this through and decided I'm still going to count my days up until day 35 and still consider myself as being on a whole30. I can't just extend my days as I have a couple of xmas lunches coming up. So as far as I am concerned I am still dong my 'Whole30' but I do realise that when I finish I can't say I have completed a whole30, I will have to try again in the new year to do a proper one but for now onwards and upwards!

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Day 16:



M1 - gelatine square, 3 eggs with onion, peppers, carrots, rocket, gherkin, mayo (07:35)


S1 - 1 date (09:35) this was sitting in the office kitchen..


M2 - steak, greens, 3 small potatoes, tomatoes and avocado (13:55)


M3 - NOT WHOLE 30 prawns, coconut curry, rice and peas, coleslaw, almonds (20:00)


So..what happened here?! I was meeting a guy for dinner - we were meant to go last week but he got the days mixed up and I ended up waiting for ages and long story short we rescheduled for today. We were going to Brixton market where there are lots of restaurants. For the original dinner I had researched which one we could go to and what we could order. But then stupidly for some reason when we got there I was all like 'o well this is the place I was going to suggest but I guess we can go anywhere you want.' FIRST MISTAKE!! We then walked around and I steered him away from the asian places and the pizza places, we then went past a 'Grill' place which menu looked perfect, lots of dry grilled meats and plain salads but the woman said there were only seats inside, and all the ones outside under heaters were taken. At which point my date said lets keep looking because I want to see outside. Now its the end of November and really cold in London and regardless of the fact that it probably would have been polite of him to check if I wanted to sit outside, at this point I should have piped up and said 'Actually I am freezing and would love to eat in a warm restraurant rather than freezing out on the pavement thank you very, we will take a table for 2' - but I didn't. SECOND MISTAKE!! So we kept walking and he suggested a jamaican restaurant. When we sat down I noticed that there were onyl 3 options and each one was served with coleslaw and rice and peas. I didn't want to kick up a fuss or look weird (I had already told him I wasn't drinking, or eating gluten, dairy or sugar so I thought if I said I couldn't have rice as well he would just be like what the hell is that all about!?!?!?) so I just ordered the coconut prawn curry and ate all the rice as well. THIRD MISTAKE!!!!!!!! So all in all the date was pretty much a disaster, I mean don't get me wrong the dinner was delicious but the whole time I was distracted and couldn't really engage in the conversation - one because I kept thinking 'what am i doing?!?! I'm fucking up my whole30' and secondly because I was just so bloody freezing! The worse part is after that meal I hit my 'fuck it' button and so bought a whole  box of dates and a bag of walnuts on the way home and then when I got in I grabbed the tupparware of left over rice from my parents dinner and started eating..bad idea! The only silver lining is whilst I picked up nearly every type of bread in the kitchen and must have touched all the cereal boxes I did not hit the grains or gluten at all. I know these are trigger foods and huge gut disrupters for me so I guess that's kind of a good thing - and if I wasn't still in the mindset of the whole30 they would have been the first things I reach for.


S1 - dates and walnuts (22:30)


M4 - 4 spoonfuls of left over home made made mexican rice

So..What am I going to do differently next time??


I don't know if anyone has bothered to read through all of that but it has been very therapuetic to write it all down and also identify what I will do differently from now on to avoid this situation. Got to learn from my mistakes if I want to find value in them!


So next time I am going to:


  • Speak up for myself! If I'm cold, or I don't want to eat somewhere - say so! People can't read my mind and how can i be annoyed that they didn't do what I wanted if I don't vocalise that in the first place.
  • Be upfront about the whole30 straight away - in a polite but firm manner just say everything you can eat (and what you are avoiding) all in one go. My health and relationship to food is first, even before pride. In the end people don't care. It can be a bit embarrassing but I figure if someone is being funny about my eating needs then probably I don't need to waste a mealtime with them!
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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

First the good:  you said trolley instead of train!  I love it :)


Sorry about your date night, what a bummer.  It sounds like you generated a plan for next time though, which is great.  I've found that if I frame the W30 as a medical intervention rather than a diet people respond better to the restrictions.  "I'm trying to figure out food intolerances by doing an elimination diet" rather than "I'm not eating what you consider normal food because I don't think its good for people to eat that" ;)  


And who eats outside in November...  that is crazy!  Put me at the table in front of the fire.

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