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WholeStanley Round 2


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I completed a whole30 back in June 2014- completed the 30 days and embraced all the rules and recommendations and it worked great for me and has really changed my way of thinking about food. However, it pains me to admit that whilst I have adopted some of the whole30 principles permanently in the past 18 months I have not once been able to string together 30 days of whole30 eating. Boy Melissa was not wrong when she said the second round can be harder! It is so much easier to justify a little slip up when you've managed to convince yourself that you 'mostly' eat whole30 most of the time.


I've been meaning to do another 'proper' whole30 for a while and I realised today that over the next 30 days I don't have any pressing trips away or social engagements that will make it extra difficult so I've realised there is no time like the present and decided tomorrow (4th November) will be my Day 1.


In order to be successful I've realised I need two things. First, some proper accountability which is where this log comes in! Secondly, to remind myself why I'm doing this in the first place.


So here's my list so far (I''m sure I wil add to these):


  1. I need to do some proper intro's - I was enjoying whole30 eating so much before that I never properly did these. I know I react badly to wheat and dairy but it would be interesting to find out exactly what my reactions look like to other foods so I can make better 'off-plan' choices.
  2. I want to kick my 'Oh I can start again tomorrow' attitude.
  3. I'm carrying more weight than I need to and should probably slim down - 3 whole30 meals a day plus off plan snacks equal a biiig calorie surplus. Which means I feel uncomfortable and my clothes are alway tight. This is not a size my body is too happy at.
  4. Proper committed long term whole30 eating makes me feel so good! My insides thank me every day and my skin (which is pretty bad at the best of times) really benefits from clean eating. I feel more confident and comfortable inside and out.
  5. Its a miracle that I have found a suitable 30 days where I can feasibly do a proper whole30 so it would be a shame to waste this opportunity.
  6. I use food to cope with nearly every single emotion! I would like to (and at the end of the day need to) develop and ingrain some much better coping mechanisms that don't rely on junk food or over eating.
  7. I will feel so much better going into the christmas period if I have a better control over my food.


My food plan for tomorrow looks like this (M2 and M3 are already prepped in the fridge so I can take to work with me):


M1 - a few meat balls, left over chicken and 1 scrambled egg with spinach, tomatoes and some chorizo.

 ( I will also have 2 home made melon gelatine squares with breakfast)


M2 - palm sized baked cod fillet, half a roast sweet potato, half a bag of spinach and a tablespoon of home made mayo


M3 - 2 chicken thighs with skin on, sauteed kale and a courgette in free range chicken fat.



I will check back in tomorrow with the times I eat, my mood and how much water I manage to drink.


Wish me luck and please feel free to comment!




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Day 1..so far..


M1-  as planned, I also added some hot and smoky kimchi-kraut which is absolutely delicious! (08:45)


M2- as planned (13:58)


Think I've had about 1.5 litres of water but should track that a bit better. Did managed 7.5 hours of sleep which was good. I have been bored at work and not very motivated which makes my day feel soooo slooow but need to be more productive rather than feed my boredom with food.

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M3 - as planned (18:55)


M4 - pistachios, meatballs and parsnips (22:10) - I didn't need this fourth meal, i wasn't hungry, I was just feeling stressed whilst preparing meals for tomorrow and so kept eating around the kitchen, I need to work on this!


I didn't finish all my work today so I have had to bring it home and work late, not ideal as this means I get less sleep and sets me up for a tough day tomorrow. I need to remember the knock on effect of procrastinating during the day! Hope to improve on this tomorrow.


Night x

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Day 2!


M1 - 3 fried eggs, sauteed spring greens, a huge pile of kimchi-kraut and about 1/4 of a small avocado + 2 gelatine squares (07:00)


I have really been procrastinating at work this week but I need to make a change - I just end up feeling sorry for myself and want to just self sabotage and eat! Today I am trying to keep positive mental attitude, be productive and come away from my working day feeling better, this will hopefully mean I eat better too!

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(Day 2 cont.)


M2 - meatballs, cougetti (2 courgettes), some tomatoes and chorizo (13:45)


Really busy morning and there was a 6.5 hr gap between M1 and M2, and I wasn't starving and I didn't even think about food. I think it helps that my breakfast had quite a bit of fat in it but need to remember this next time I'm just bored and have convinced myself Im hungry.

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 I just had a 60g bag of Raisins - I don't want to do this again during my whole30, 1. because as soon as I ate them I realise I didn't need them, 2. This won't help me get rid of my sugar dragon and 3. Raisins are high fodmap and make my IBS flare up.


Soooo.. new whole30 rule for me -'no dried fruit' unless they are an ingredient in a meal

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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

I just started my umpteenth attempt at a second W30 too :)  They sure are infinitely harder!


I just hijacked this thread. Join us.  Bring our numbers up to 3 :)


What are your gelatin squares?  I was doing homemade gummies (~1/4 c gelatin, 1 c juice) for a while but kinda fell out of it.  Do you notice they help with something specific?

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Hey Hey littleg - thanks for dropping by!


My gelatine squares are just warm blended fruit (this batch is cantaloupe and blueberries) and gelatine - I use about 6 tablespoons a batch, cut th ebatch into 18 squares and have 3 a day. I've read all this good stuff about gelatine but for me I feel like it makes my skin on my face look firmer but that could all be in my head! I've only done it for about two weeks but will keep you poster- and I will check out that thread!


(Day 4 cont.)


M2 - tiny tuna can, cod fillet, kale, 1 red pepper, half yellow pepper, capers and olives (12:57)


S1 - 9 dates!! (14:20)  What was I thinking?!?!?

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Oops I've realised I messed my days up and called it day 4 when it was only day 3!


Also - I slipped this weekend as you will see below:


Day 3 (cont.)


M3 - dinner out with the girls (we changed the restaurant last minute so all my menu research went to waste unfortunately - I can't be sure that I was completely whole30 but I felt I ordered well) - small lamb portion, sardines and salad (20:15)


Day 4: this whole day kinda went wrong...


M1 - gelatine squares, greens, sauerkraut, avocado, 1 egg and a few meatballs (09:00)


S1 - large bag of sultanas (12:20) - have I mentioned I have a problem with dried fruit?


M2 - lunch out, the cafe was not where we were planning to go and they really weren't very helpful and all the salads were pre-made but I was with a client from work so after I had asked about 5 questions I felt like I couldn't push it anymore  - salmon, spunach, beetroot, avocado, seeds, figs, kale, peas (NOT WHOLE30) and oil based dressing (?!) (15:00)


S2 - Nkd bar with just dates and pecans (18:30)



Day 5:


M1 - sardines, chorizo, courgette, pepper and tomato (10:00)


M2 - 2 eggs, spinach, tomato, mushrooms (14:45)


XX - sip of peanut butter smoothie


M3 - meatballs, tomato, courgetti and avocado (20:20)


6 macadamia nuts (21:00)



So I have to reset because of choices I made this weekend - but I have to remind myself that I am striving for progression not perfection, and I also need to keep in mind 3 days of healthy eating is three days of healthy eating - they don't just disappear when you go off plan. But I also made a vow to myself that I would do a proper whole30, so I have decided to call tomorrow day 6 and go for a whole35. These five days were a warm up and getting myself used to it but this is it now.


And as I have an addiction to dried fruit and its just propping up my sugar dragon at the moment I am going to add a rule to my new whole 30:


  • No DRIED FRUIT (like not even 1, dried fruit = sugar, or grains, or dairy, in my whole30 book from now on)
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ALERT! ALERT! ALERT! My wonderful Iranian colleague brought me in a box of dates today because she knows I love them and her father picked me up some delicious ones from the Iranian supermarket.


BUT I made a promise to myself, no dried fruit for 30 days - they are so tempting but I have checked the sell by date and they will still be fine after my 30 days. Man I need to stay strong!!

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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

Way to stick to your guns :)  Luckily dried fruit will last beyond 30 days so you can enjoy those dates (by not eating the whole box at once) when the W30 is over :)


I hear you on the dried fruit.  I can't keep it in the house... I've been paleo for so long that dried fruit *is* my candy and such a treat for my little tastebuds that I have a very hard time doing things like... not eating the whole box of dates at once :)  We have a local food cooperative that sells practically everything in bulk so I will literally go there and buy 3 tbsp of raisins for a recipe sometimes!


Good luck with day 6!

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O littleg I wish I had come on and read this before lunch! I thought I would be able to have just one date after my lunch...and that quickly snowballed into 8 dates :wacko: I have now moved them to another area of the office, made myself a cup of peppermint tea and am moving on! Certainly not taking them home with me though - it wouldn't be safe!

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Day 6:


M1 - 7 mini meatballs, sautteed sweet heart cabbage and tomatos, half an avocado (07:15)


M2 - two chicken thighs with skin, sauteed kale and red pepper, sauerkraut (13:15)


S1 - Dates x 10? I lost count... (14:00)


PWO (I did 20 mins hit sprints and 30 mins spin class) - Couple of mouthfuls of cod (18:40)


M3 - cod, spinach, rocket, 1/4 roasted sweet potato and closed handful of macadamia nuts (19:10)


Monday was a good day! (apart from the dates, but I have hidden them in the office!)



Day 7:


M1 - 7 meatballs, a bag of sauteed mage tout, chopped cherrie tomatoes and 1/4 avocado (07:53)

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(Day 7 cont.)


S1 - 4 dates (11:28)


M2 - baked cod, small fist of macadamia nuts, spinach, roasted sweet potato and chopped red cabbage (13:17)


S2- ALL THE DATES!  (over the course of the afternoon) - this was disappointing as it must have been about 30 dates but on the plus side there are now no more dates left for me to be tempted with. 


M3- Briased chicken leg, plaintain chips, mango and avocado salad (19:53)  


I was pretty proud of how I managed to navigate the menu at a Brazillian restaurant with this meal and it was absolutely delicious! It was quite a large meal though and I probably didn't need to eat it all but at the moment I'm just trying to move myself away from binge and restrict so am not going to sweat the large portions especially as that was pretty much a one off. I think i do need to watch the eating out though, servings are typically larger because people have had small lunches and breakfasts whereas my meals are all decent sized throughout the day so don't want to be giving my self a huge calorie surplus at dinner!

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(Day 8 cont.)


(45 min walk after work through London to see my nan in hospital - great to get some fresh air and see the xmas lights)


M3 - chopped chicken thigh, kale, red cabbage, sauerkraut and macadamia nuts (19:30)


S1- 2 handfuls of mixed nuts, dried fruits, dates and walnuts (20:20)


S2 - small fist roasted sweet potato and a few bites of parsnip (21:20-22:00)


I was crabby and irritable at the end of today for a variety of reasons - firstly I hjadn't been very productive at work, secondly it was tough seeing my nan in the hospital which is why I bought the dried fruit and nuts at the train station (still no excuse though) and then it was only when I got home and I saw the sweet potato that I realise I DO NOT DO WELL WITH NO CARB DAYS! I think I have known this all along but I still try to restrict them because  I want to lose more and more weight. At the moment I don't know whether I will always need carbs or whether the fact I am still eating os much dired fruit is putting my blood sugar out of whack. To begin with I am going to try and have a portion of  starchy vegetables every day for a week, and really realyl make an effort to avoid the dried fruit and see how that goes.


Sorry for anyone who is reading along and finding it really frustrating that I keep jeopardizing my results by reaching for dried fruit - you and me both! I promise I am trying.



Day 9:


M1 - 3 gelatine squres, 6 meatballs, chorizo, spinach, tomato, red pepper and sauerkraut (07:20)

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(Day 9 cont.)


M2 - chicken thighs, kale, chorizo and parsnip (13:30)


I so wanted to buy raisins after lunch but I think it was just my head wanted to do something funthat wasn't going back to my desk to do work - I also thought how dissappointed I would feel if I had to write it on this blog so stayed strong!

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(Day 9 cont.)


45 min spin class

PWO - half cod fillet (18:30)


M3 - 3 poached eggs, 1/4 grated sweet potato, 1/2 grated parsnip, sauteed cabbage. (20:00)


M4 - fistful of macadamia nuts and fist of sweet potato (22:30)


I didn't need M4, it was craving rather than hunger -probably bought on by being stressed and tired and I manage to convince myself I need the carbs when in reality I probably just need the sleep. Managed to get 7 hours sleep last night but looking forward to the weekend, going to try and have a 24hour digital detox and sleep lots! Still really on the fence about what part carbs should play in my food plan - I was reading somewhere else on the forum today about how uncomfortable in can be to be stuck between fat burning and cabr burning for energy. I don't think that's me because I don't feel all sluggish  and lethargic.


However it's only now that I am thinking about it and I have realised my energy has been pretty good all week - Ive hardly ever needed a coffee, maybe a couple of sips in the morning for the taste but thats it. Also I have had quite a busy week but feel like I have really been able to keep on top of things, and been waking just before my alarm in the morning. Usually I can get really tired at my desk or on the train but not this week at all! Wow thats a NSV that really crept up on me!


I also spent 45 mins yesterday prepping three meals - I feel like I've really got this meal prep thing down and it means I don't have to put 4 hours aside on a Sunday. I am staying with my cousins for the weekend and I really need to make sure I am good with my snacking.. I can feel the need to binge bubbling away in side me but I have managed to hold it off. Gonna put in some OA calls today and over the weekend to help with that. I have told my cousins what I can eat - they are making me a compliant chicken thigh casserole - and have told them that I don't need any dessert. Now just to stick to my guns!



Day 10 - wow that was fast!


M1 - mackerel fillet (canned), sauteed tomato, tumeric, chillie, spring onion, coriander and frozen spincah (so yummy!), sauerkraut and 6 macadamia nuts. Large tablespoon of sauerkraut (08:00)

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(Day 10 cont.)


M2 - chicken thigh, choriso, red cabbage, kale (13:45)


M3 - home made chicken casserole, broccoli, potato and sweet potato mash (18:40)


This was a lot of carbs in one meal and I didn't need it all - I should have taken more control over what was put on my plate, I was staying with family (mel and alex) and they served up my dish but I always finish my plate so I need to be more careful about what is put on the plate. I think the carb overload and the 'full' feeling all contributed to me reaching for late snacks, plus I think i am still in that 'it's a friday night and i deserve a food-based treat' mentalit.


S1 - Very large bag of raisins, 6 dates and a pear (snacking till late, maybe from 20:00 - 23:30)


Day 11:

Staying with Alex and Mel for the night - although luckily they have done Paleo before so were more understanding of my diet



M1 - 2 fried eggs, compliant bacon, spinach, avocado and nuts (10:10)


M2 - Chicken bone broth soup with vegetables, hard boiled egg, quarter of an avocado and 3 dates (14:10)


S1 - more dates throughout the day :huh:


M3 - beef stew (beef, parsnips, carrots and onions) with vegetables (17:40) I asked as many questions as was polite about this stew and I was assured it was gluten, dairy and sugar free but I suppose I can't be 100% sure


S2 -slices of pepper and vegetable crips (19:30)


Day 12:


M1 - gelatine, chicken thighs, sauerkraut, kale and home made mayo (10:30)


PWO (20 mins sprint intervals and 8 mins tabata) - smoked trout


M2 - trout, roasted parsnips, salad leaves, red cabbage and mayo (15:00)


M3 - dinner at The Crown - pork belly, mashed potato, apple sauce, crackling, kale and gravy (21:15) - this meal was gluten and dairy free and I asked lots of questions but I can't guarantee it didn't have any sugar in it.


Today I was really bloated, a bit gassy and the skin on my shoulders had lots of extra break outs. I think this might be a combination of too much dried fruit and eating onions (which I usually avoid because I am low fodmap to help my IBS). Its frustrating that I am giving into 'between meals' snacking, 'something sweet after dinner' and dried fruit. Just goes to show how you can be keeping within the rules of the whole30 but still be cheating yourself out of the best results. My first whole30 was brilliant and thats because I was super strict, I had 3 meals a day and THAT WAS IT! Plus I gave up fruit for the 30 days so I couldn't use it as a 'crutch' for my sugar dragon. I've realised that saying I can do a whole week without dried fruit is a bit fruitless - pardon the pun! So instead I'm going to tackle things one day at a time. So for tomorrow (day 13) there will be no snacking and no dried fruit _ I just need to do one day for now.


Day 13:


Gelatine (07:35)


M1 - 3 egg frittata with courgette, peppers, tomato and chorizo (09:30)

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(Day 13 cont.)


M3 - prawns, TOO MUCH butternut squash (I microwaved this packet and was meant to eat half but I ate all of it, so 350g :( ), 4 x cherry tomato, quarter roasted aubergine, spinach and home made mayo (19:50)


I could not stop with the butternut squash and then went on the prowl for more snacks and foods from the local shops and after picking up nearly every packet of biscuits I luckily walked back to my hotel empty handed. I kept thinking that being in Dorset with work would be really hard but actually there are such good shops here and lots of options that there is really no excuse for me to sabotage my whole30 whilst I am here.


Day 14


M1 - Breakfast at the B&B : tablespoon of nuts, some pumpkin seeds, 3 prunes, 3 melon balls, 2 poached eggs and smoked haddock fillet, tomatoes and gherkins (the last two were in my room) (08:30)

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M2 - tuna, potato, hard boiled egg, salad, olives and green beans (14:30)


pre-run - prawns dipped in mayo (18:30)


M3 - Salmon, veggie noodles, tomato, avocado, gherkin, mayo (20:10)


Day 15:


M1 - soft prunes/apricots, nuts, spinach, roasted tomato, mushrooms, poached eggs, hash brown and bacon (08:20)


Im feeling fat and craving all the time - I need to stay strong and stop being so obsessed with my body size. Also need to jump up the amount of exercise I have been doing - I was seeing my PT at least twice a week last time and then could eat starchy vegetables whenever I wanted!

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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

I feel like I'm reading Bridget Jones' diary when I read your log :)  I don't even know what a gherkin is... and aubergine sounds so much lovelier than eggplant!


Yeah for leaving the biscuits on the shelves!


If I can offer my 1.5 cents from one dried fruit lover to another.  Stop buying it.  No more raisins, dates, apricots... its on the "no" list.  And maybe even fruit for a while unless it is eaten as a part of a the recipe (like an apple and butternut squash soup or waldorf salad - *really* a part of the recipe - not just on the side of your plate ;) ).  I'm struggling with a fruit "problem" as well so do as I say not as I do...!  But I will tell you I can not bring dried fruit into the house, it isn't safe.  But, when its not here I'm fine without it and the mental arguments of "just eat it, no don't, yes do..." don't happen which is a much better mental house to live in.  


I've done a W60 (with dried fruit) and a W30 attempt that got me to day 20-something and many others that got to M2... this round I'm on day 13 and I'm really doing up the fat and trying to stick to starches.  My long work days get me and that is when I give in and eat 2 lbs of fresh fruit for dinner when I get home (14 hrs after leaving the house) but the days when I'm home this lower carb, higher fat meal plan is working better for me.  If you find that you need the carbs try sticking with starches for a while to prevent the trigger of fruit/dried fruit and maybe it will help :)

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