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Day 25 - Bad mood


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I am on day 25... in theory...


In the reality I found out that my D vitamin had some soya in it after a week and I realized my vinegar had sulfite after 3. I had also some meals in restaurant and I am not really sure there were not butter or sugar added...


Before the whole 30 I had small issues with bad moods. As explained in my log, it went worst at the beginning of the whole 30. Around day 16, it was a lot better... Now it's been 3 days and I feel really bad and sad. The only thing I want to do is sleep and be by myself.


My husband starts asking when I will stop this diet that makes me so sad and I can understand him. I would like to keep going until christmas since I have eaten soy and sulfite. But it is going to be hard if my mood does not change soon...


(By the way, my log is in the forum. "whole 30 in France"


Any testimony, advices?


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There are two things that might improve your mood. One is consistently eating enough food at every meal. From scanning your log, I see that you occasionally miss a meal or eat what may be too little. Not eating enough food in general is stressful and can lead to a bad mood. The second thing is to make sure you are eating at least two fist-size servings of starchy veggies per day. Most people need at least one fist-size serving per day and some need two. In fact, just to make sure you are getting enough, try eating three fist-size servings of starchy veggies per day until your mood is good.


Starchy veggies are potatoes, plantains, parsnips, rutabagas, winter or hard squash, etc. 

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Thank you - Yesterday was day 30.


for the last 5 days I have changed few things :

- no more nuts, coconut flakes

- more fat. I was already having a lot, but I give it a chance. Clarified butter, home made mayonnaise, olive oil.

- no fruit. no potatoes. no sweet potatoes. I know it is starchy vegetables but after few testing, I think it prevents me from having fat as a fuel.


I have started to experience the change on day 28. Very positive, a lot of energy. It is incredible how the same things of my life seems different, just because I feel good. Good interaction with people. No desire to be by myself anymore.


Maybe I have been so depressed during te whole 30 because I was in between Carb as fuel and Fat as fuel. That is my guess.


I know it is better to wait and see because it is only the third day of improvment. I will keep my diet like that and see.




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