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So I'm dumb...


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When I started Whole30, I forgot until about 10 days in that I was going home for a week to visit family.... 2 days after my Whole30 ends. I know I know-- so dumb! I was feeling great about the program and didn't want to stop doing it, so I continued with it and have generally felt great. Not life changingly different, but for sure more consistent energy and better sleep, which I am fairly certain is due to lack of sugar. Sugar is horrible, y'all. Anyway here's my dilemma; I have several big family events that I know despite my biggest efforts I won't be able to stay on plan for. Not worth the fight that would inevitably cause to ask relatives to change the time-honored recipes they make every year for xmas and everyone looks forward to. I also live in another country from my family and I would be sad if I missed the one opportunity I have a year to eat said family recipes-- and out at my favorite NYC restaurant. I want to do another whole30 in the new year but I can't do one properly in January or Feb: I'm going on vacation at the end of Jan and the end of Feb and I have a feeling I will not be successful in telling people who don't speak English not to serve me dairy grains legumes or sugar...


SO this is what I'm thinking: I'll try my best to stay on plan during the week that I'm home, other than the few meals that I know I won't be able to. Then when I get back on Jan 1st, I'll do another week of whole30, then a proper 10 day reintro. I also will eat very similar to whole30 as much as possible in my regular non-whole30 life because I haven't found it at all challenging and I don't strongly desire to have grains/dairy/beans on a daily basis anyway. Would that work? Or should I just accept that i've failed and move on with my life? Be honest with me!


Thanks for your help.

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