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Meal Timing


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I'm starting my first Whole30 on January 18th. I have a rotating schedule at work and am wondering the best times to be eating. If anyone can give me some suggestions, I'd really appreciate it. I have a pretty physical job and usually am hungry for a snack during breaks, but that's probably just a bad habit. 


So I do two weeks of daytime shifts:

Wake up @ 4:45 am, leave by 5:30 am

Work 6:15-3:45, break at 8:30 lunch at 11 and second break at 1:30


Then two weeks of evening shifts:

5:45 pm - 4:15am, breaks at 8:05pm, lunch at 10:45pm and second break at 1:40am

I usually sleep from 5am-1pm then next day. 


Thanks for all your suggestions! 



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Daytime: if you eat a large enough breakfast at around 5am, you should make it pretty close to 11am lunch break. If you can't, have a mini meal of protein and fat at your 830 rest. Hard boiled egg would work really well here or something similar. Same at 130 if you don't think you'll make it until dinner time. But I'm serious when I say "large enough" for your meals. Err on the high side of the template since you have a physical job. 2 palms protein, 3+ cups cooked veggie, 2 serves fat.

For your night shift, google "nom nom paleo night shift" for an idea of how to schedule the eats and how to make your sleep count.

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As a long time shift worker I also recommend keeping some emergency supplies in your locker (or glove box) of something like canned tuna and canned green beans, for any day which is out of the ordinary and you've already eaten all the food you brought with you (saves you chewing your arm off :P).

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