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ok, so this is the evening of day 2. first big headache just hit.

not positive that this is a result of whole30 or not. but assuming that it is...

does that sound about right? remedies? ride it out? medicate? any help, tips, suggestions would be greatly appreciated. i imagine if this lasts into the night sleep will be rough. what can i do? and could it be anything else, or are the odds good that by the end of day 2, this is directly related to whole30?

thank you in advance!!

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Might be related to what you're eating. Might not. You can medicate it as you ordinarily would - aspirin, Tylenol, ibuprofen, cold compresses, acupressure, etc. I did not have headaches in the early stages of my Whole30, but different bodies respond to stress in different ways.

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